Sunday, February 12, 2006

Screw The Law

During the Clinton years we were bombarded 24/7 with references to the rule of law and now during Bush’s two terms, we have heard nothing but how the law doesn’t really matter. The rule of law is soooo September 10th.

The laws that were enacted before 9/11, such as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), are inadequate in dealing with the dangers inherent in a post 9/11 world. The President really has no option but to thwart the law in order to protect the American people from terrorism. Or, we could let the representatives of the people change the law to allow for effective means to combat terrorism while protecting our constitutional rights. But, that would assume that the Bush administration is interested in combating terrorism, and they have shown us that that is not the case, what with Bush “not spending much time” thinking about Osama bin Laden and pulling troops from Afghanistan in order to invade Iraq, a country that posed no threat to us at all. No, their sole interest is in expanding the powers of the executive branch of government and peddling fear as a means to further that end.

When the Attorney General of the United States can sit in a Senate hearing and declare that the law both means something and it doesn’t all at the same time, what are us non-lawyers to make of it? AG Gonzales argued that President Bush, in authorizing the NSA to conduct wiretapping of American citizens, was complying with the law, but only when he was not complying with it because it wasn’t necessary. Apparently the President is above the law and not above it at the same time. Gonzales is nothing if not a master of the slight of lip.

What are we citizens to take away from the stated position of the Bush administration that, like Nixon, seems to be saying that if the President does it, it’s legal? How is it possible that this very idea isn’t sending every Republican out into the streets screaming, “FOUL”? What happened to “states rights” and “the rule of law” and democracy? Are we really so scared of a few crazed fundamentalist Muslims that we are willing to beg for a Monarchy? Plead for a dictator to protect us from evil? Who knew Republicans were such wussies? One would think that with all the guns, fighting, tough talk and ostentatious displays of patriotism they’d be willing to show a little spine when the homeland was being defiled. And they call liberals wimps? Pick up a mirror.

So, the President wants to be King and the country seems to be saying, “fine with us.” Republicans are fine with the President breaking the law because there wasn’t an oval office blowjob involved and Democrats are fine with it because they don’t feel it’s a smart political move to do anything about it. If impeachment isn’t the remedy for flagrant violations of the constitution by the President, what is? Or have we quietly accepted that impeachment is only for sexual misconduct and political retribution and never to be used to remove a criminal from office? If that’s the case, we do in fact deserve the government we’ve got.


Anonymous roberta kelly said...

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