Monday, October 17, 2005

The Rats Start Jumping

Wow! According to Raw Story, The New York Daily Post is set to report that someone inside the White House is now cooperating with the Special Prosecutor in the leak investigation! Could it be that Bush and Rove have decided to throw Cheney under the bus? At this point, Bush needs Rove a heck of a lot more than he needs Cheney, so it is a possibility. Orange jumpsuits for Everyone!


Blogger yeldarbkram said...

Throwing the Hitchcockian Cheney under the wheels of a bus might reasonably be expected to create serious problems for the bus, especially if the bus driver is high on Jack Daniels and airplane glue, and imagines he is coasting his mountain bike across the finish line of the Tour de (nuckular power)Pants. In fact, I fear its likely everyone in the vehicle would perish in the fiery off-the-cliff crash except Fat Toonces, the driving vice-president! Never misunderestimate the malice of the spiritual hunchback...

12:04 AM  
Anonymous ettelordkram said...

Not only that, but hitting President Cheney with a bus would engender the great risk of ripping His Corporate Corpulence into myriad pieces, all gross and smelly-like, which, as any student of the fascist-alien race known as "Republicans" is aware, would then self-animate and quickly become full-bloated, er, blown, new Dick Cheneys. (I understand it takes the sneers a little longer to properly develop, however.) The moral, of course, is be careful what you wish for, or run over.

7:16 PM  

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