Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Tide May Be Turning But Watch Out For The Undertow

The liberal blogs are abuzz with the good news from Tuesday’s elections across the country. Democrats did well, taking the governors races in both New Jersey and Virginia (oh, those Red State victories are especially sweet) and the defeat of Governor Schwarzenegger’s pet initiatives sent his stock into the dumps as well. The only thing sweeter than the Govenator’s fall was the fact that President Bush proved to be the kiss of death to any candidate crazy enough to share a stage with our Commander in Chief. Even the Democratic Mayor of St. Paul was made to pay for his endorsement of Bush last year with a resounding rejection of his poor judgment that catapulted his Democratic challenger into office.

For the first time in a long time the election results are mirroring the sentiment of the voters and the message is, we’re done with Republican rule and are even willing to give the Democrats a shot at this point. But not being “them” will only take us so far and there are pitfalls inherent in a premature celebration. Yes, the country does appear to be waking up from its 9/11 induced coma and yes, the Washington press corps do seem to be sticking it to Stuttering Scotty on a regular basis, but so far these are mere stirrings and by no stretch a true awakening. Our eyes may no longer be shut tightly in fear, but they are not exactly wide open yet either.

Other than a shot in the arm for Democrats on the ground, Tuesday’s results are of little importance. With limited options, voters did the only sensible thing and voted for anyone but Bush. No, Bush was not on any ballot, but he was still the target of every vote cast for a Democratic candidate and we kid ourselves if we think differently. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good sign and surely something to build on, but a Democratic takeover next year is not going to happen organically we will have to coax it gently into fruition. The anti Bush sentiment was high in 2004 and regardless of what “really” happened in that election, not being Bush clearly was not enough for a convincing win and it will prove just as ineffective the next time around.

The first step is waking up but the steps that follow are more difficult. There is a consciousness being aroused within the Democratic Party and we liberals must not only nurture it, but we must continue to push it even further. Being a liberal is something to be proud of and we must encourage those who are willing to stand up and shout our ideals from center stage. Liberals must challenge the status quo of the party and demand our turn at the wheel. It is time for us to take control and drive the party out of the wilderness and into the hearts of Americans. We are the majority party and we enjoy majority support, now it’s time to start acting like it and provide the citizens of this country a true and honest alternative.


Anonymous Roberta Kelly said...

I think we should all turn green. Green Party, I mean.

The problem is, it will certainly give the Republican Party all the votes it needs to remain our worst nightmare.

Unfortunately, this is the truth as we know it today, in 2005.

Colin Campbell - - states we should not, under any circumstances, vote for a politician, unless they are running their platform on ENERGY.

Thus far, I have not seen a politician, other than those associated with GREEN, talking about our serious problem of post-petroleum.

I DO NOT want to do, what HD Thoreau said we do - "live our lives in quiet desperation."

I found the following information, and it is very interesting to me, because GWB recently hung a medal around Muhammad Ali's neck and whispered something in M.Ali's ear.

To which, M.Ali pointed his finger at his head and did the crazy symbolic twirling of his finger to his head, about or to, GWB.

GWB, was taken aback by this and did what he does, heh heh heh, a giggle-like stupid sound, and looked as though he was speechless.

(Now, GWB is a speechless fool, but his Rove words have been programmed for about 30 years now and he does a good job with his brainwashed rhetoric, 'generic' speaking, of course.)

Anway, here it is . . .

"Millions come to accept a negative self-concept as their personal reality. Psychologists' offices are packed with them. But so are bars, business offices, and homes.

The problem is so entrenched that it was noted long ago by the naturalist philosopher Henry David Thoreau when he ventured that most people "lead lives of quiet desperation".

With so many people living this way the question becomes, is this the way I have to live?

Fortunately, the answer is not unless you want to.

And the reason you don't have to live a life of quiet desperation is because once you identify your mental spectators — and your interaction with them — you can move beyond vanquished and into the role of victor, a gladiator who rules your spectators in every battle.

Muhammad Ali was a gladiator who broke the mold of quiet combatant.

For years, prizefighters concentrated on their opponents and never acknowledged the spectators except at the beginning a fight while being introduced.

To the contrary, Ali treated the audience as part of the fight itself, waving them on, shouting at them, using them to intimidate his opponent and energize himself at the same time.

In Zaire, Africa, when he fought George Foreman for the heavyweight championship of the world, he incited spectators to chant, "Ali, Ali, boom ayah", meaning "Ali, Ali, kill him."

Likewise, you need to rule your mental spectators the way he ruled his outer ones.

Here's how it works: Your thoughts, your feelings, and your behaviors are so securely linked that any activity in one influences the other two.

If you are a slave to even a single mental spectator who gives you thumbs down when you try to improve yourself, then you will give up on your quest for self-improvement.

Your self-concept will remain in the gutter.

For example, say that you decide to improve your vocabulary. Such an improvement will help you understand complicated issues and will also give you confidence to talk more professionally at work. This increased confidence would naturally make you feel better about yourself and also enhance your job opportunities. So you study a vocabulary book, and you learn new words and terms. But when you try to use one around another person, your mental spectator laughs and tells you that you sound phony, "like ignorant trash trying to sound smart." Instead of controlling your mental spectator, you collapse in a heap, a vanquished gladiator. Your opponent—self-doubt—made one threatening gesture and down you went. You caved in. The dream of self-improvement died. Worst of all, you added strength to your mental spectators because they thrive on your each and every loss. Unlike Ali, who used spectators for strength, you let them use you. And now you're the one who is bloodied.

What has happened to you is that negative thoughts (your ridiculing spectator) caused you to revert from the new, improved behavior (speaking more intelligently) back to an old behavior (speaking as you always have), and you feel like pond scum. And you're going to keep feeling like pond scum until you wake up and realize that you can rule those mental spectators. Ruling them will change the negative thoughts that are keeping you down. Self-doubt didn't beat you by itself and it can't keep you down by itself. It needed the help of your own mental spectators, and you can learn to rule them. I'm going to show you how."

by Terry Rich Hartley, Ph.D

Too bad GWB didn't use this advice to be a good cowboy rather than an evil one.

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