Friday, December 30, 2005

Special Political Action Message From John Kerry

Any of you who signed up at John Kerry dot com in the run-up to election debacle 2004, have this little gem awaiting you in your inbox. Just for fun I thought I'd share a few snippets along with my response to the junior Senator from Massachusetts.

Dear The (liberal)Girl Next Door,

What should your last political act of 2005 be about?

There's only one answer. It should be about fighting back - about laying down a marker that says we've seen enough, heard enough, and seen the Republicans who control Washington try to mislead America more than enough. And, in 2006, we're coming to take our democracy back from the Washington special interests that control it today.

With the pivotal 2006 elections approaching, we won't be blackmailed or denied. We won't stand for Swift Boat-style attacks. We won't be intimidated. And we won't stop working until we win.

[Blah, Blah, Blah]

Just as important, we've organized a vitally important Fight Back Fund. We're ready, willing and able to take on the vicious attacks, deceitful distortions, and truth-defying rhetoric - just the way we did when they tried to savage war hero John Murtha and other Bush administration critics.

[Blah, Blah, I Pledge, Blah, Blah]

When the Bush White House says one thing and does another, we'll call them out. When shadowy Republican front groups show up on the campaign trail, we'll smoke them out. When there are huge discrepancies between the successes they claim and the reality they've created, we'll point them out.

[Blah, I urge, Blah, Blah, Donations, Blah, Blah]

And, most importantly on Election Day 2006, we'll vote them out.

John Kerry


Dear Senator Kerry,

Thanks John, but what about the first political act of 2006 being articles of impeachment? Until Democratic “leaders” like you get behind a real solution to our current crisis, nothing will change. You of all people know how broken our system of voting is, yet you run from the truth every chance you get and continue to encourage us to vote in elections that have no chance of rectifying the problems we face. Real leadership requires first, a belief in what you say and second, the willingness to say it even when doing so may be not be politically expedient. Just ask your friend John Murtha. I’m sure he’s glad to have your support now, lucky for him that the political wind was blowing in the right direction long enough to sway you toward his point of view.

I guess I will never get over the fact that you walked away from a fraud riddled election, content to play the loser. But you were not the one who truly lost, that indignity belongs to those of us who supported you. Trust that we will not make the same mistake again. While I appreciate your attempt to keep yourself politically viable for the next go-around, we have reached a point where passive participation in democracy is no longer an option and unless and until you are willing to be active in changing the course we are on, I would kindly ask that you at least get out of the way.

The (liberal)Girl Next Door


Anonymous Jonathan said...

I really had my hopes up the Kerry would win. And I am convinced that had our voting system truly represented the will of the American people Kerry would be in the White House today. I was behind him 100%. Right up until he conceded. I really felt like he let us down. He should have fought back.

7:30 PM  
Anonymous rkelly said...

I begin my morning with surfing every political information web presence I can and reading as many significant writers, such as William Greider of the Nation, and I like to read at the Huffington Post because some of the people who write on this site give me a good laugh to feel the healing humor can provide.

Then I brace myself and go to fromthewilderness dot com and read about the scarey stuff that is happening regarding the energy crisis/crises, in India, China, Russia, and US.

I like to see what is happening with the International ASPO and our own Kenneth Deffeyes, Princeton-Physics.

Lately I have been visiting Matthew Simmons, Roscoe Bartlett and Robert Hirsch to see what they are up to since they ARE our US "ENERGY EXPERTS".

How fascinating to find that our own hero, Mr. Bill Clinton, has been just as involved in all this global domination, just like every OIL greed-war-monger-addict (Cheney, Rove, Rice, et al.) -- surprise, surprise.

It makes me wonder about Kerry. I keep remembering Teresa Heinz boldly saying out loud "four more years of hell", about Bush.

But I keep thinking about how they just silently walked away from an obvious corrupt election.

There are just too many variables and we the American people who are not multi-millionaires with political ties to the right connections, are left in the dark really and truly.

Supposedly George Soros and George W. Bush are in a tug-o-war with respect to the oil pipeline in Russia. It is a very interesting story about the pipeline Clinton and GWBush actually had constructed and its stupid exorbitant expense for non-function, and now Soros and his money investing in a whole other pipeline that is efficient, functional and off limits to US.

Hmmmm, I wonder where this is going.

Anyway, I end up here at the LGND because I love her writing. She takes in all the multitudes of insane rhetoric and puts it together to create a sane understanding of it and does what great artists do, demands the audience to be stimulated enough to become a participant in the growing awareness of the whole picture.

Thus, here on New Years Eve, 2005, I say THANK YOU to M-LGND-M!

I look forward to this feeling in my heart that this year is not necessarily going to be a better year but it will definitely be a powerful turning point and this is an understatement!

8:25 AM  

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