Friday, June 23, 2006

Podcasting Liberally Talks Tax Policy

I don’t really know what to say about this week’s edition of the Drinking Liberally podcast.  We spent an awful lot of time discussing tax restructuring but it did lead to a great debate on the larger issues of tax fairness, tax infrastructure and how it relates to healthcare reform, rural versus urban areas, how Republican rhetoric has convinced rural voters that they’d be better off without the urban riff raff, and whether or not liberals should use the perceived slights we’ve supposedly inflicted on conservative rural voters to teach them a lesson about the economic reality of the urban/rural relationship.  Should urban liberals save rural conservatives from themselves or should we use subversive means to bring them around?

On the podcast you can hear me, Will, Carl, Sandeep, Lee, and first timer Ray, all expertly moderated by David Goldstein (almost as if he’s a professional radio talk show host).  It’s a lot more fun to listen to than you might imagine a tax debate would be, a little on the wonky side for sure, but entertaining nonetheless.  

The show is recorded live at Seattle chapter of Drinking Liberally and is available here as a 34.2 MB MP3.  Archives and RSS feeds can be found at


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