Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Fundraising Push For A Progressive Candidate That Will Do Us Proud

It is becoming clear that Peter Goldmark, Democratic candidate for Washington’s 5th district, can beat Cathy McMorris, a Bush rubber stamp on the GOP leadership track, if he can reach the people of his district. A poll out today has Goldmark running neck and neck with McMorris. That's pretty stunning for a first time candidate with little name recognition and zero press. Just imagine what those numbers would look like if the papers in Eastern Washington bothered to cover the race. Not only has the traditional media in Eastern Washington ignored him so far, they seem to be doing so deliberately.

One way to deal with a local press attempting to play gatekeeper, is to go directly to the people. That is why I have given more money to the Goldmark campaign and why I hope you will do the same. Following is the plea on my new ActBlue fundraising page. I hope it’s at least persuasive enough to get you guys to toss a bit (or a lot, the more the better) of money his way. Even if you don’t live in Washington, contribute to Peter Goldmark and know that he will be a solid progressive voice for all of us.

Peter Goldmark is not only a great progressive candidate with a plan to address global warming, achieve energy independence and make family farms profitable again in one fell swoop, but he is also a natural candidate that can charm the voters of Washington's 5th district. They just need the chance to get to know him, and that’s where you come in.

Peter Goldmark has a positive message, solid credentials and being a third generation rancher in Okanogan, he's got the rural cred necessary to win this race. The biggest obstacle he faces is one that can be solved with your help. He needs the money to show that he is a serious contender and the faster the money comes in and the more people that contribute, the more buzz his campaign will create. Once that starts happening, the local press won't be able to ignore Peter Goldmark or the reality that he can be the next Congressman from Washington’s 5th district.

Help turn another district from red to blue. Contribute now and let’s send Peter Goldmark to Congress, where he will work for all of us.


Blogger Tom said...

I hope this turns out the way you want it. My hat is off to you. Keep on keeping on!

9:36 AM  
Blogger Dem Warrior said...

I hear you're pretty powerful up there in WA State...get those reluctant newspapers and TV stations to cover your boy by DEMANDING IT!! :-)

John P.

12:07 PM  

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