Thursday, November 17, 2005

In The Muck

Now that Bush is in full blame dispersal mode, chances are no one will be left unscathed, but with his attack machine misfiring more often than not, he very well may take himself out before he mortally wounds his enemies. The American people have spoken and they said, “we don’t trust you Mr. Bush” and for whatever reason this seems to bother our Monkey in Chief. Probably it is his narcissism leading him down the wrong path, his need to be admired outweighing his common sense.

This is the wrong fight at the wrong time. On the face of it, the administration should be able to make some headway, given the fact that Democrats supported this war by giving Bush the authority to wage it. Presidential hopefuls can say they were misled and be factually correct, but they are simply attempting to minimize their own culpability in this disastrous affair. Many of us on the left could see that Bush was lying about pre-war intelligence and we did not need to see a single National Security Estimate to know it was a sham, so why should we for a second believe that our Congressmen and Senators were fooled? We know the truth, they simply caved in to the pressure created by the administration when Bush, Cheney, Condi and Rumsfeld bypassed Congress and took the case directly to the American people peddling images of mushroom clouds in our cities. Regardless of the Democrats weakness on this issue, the Bush smear machine is in need of some serious repairs and they should fix the glitches before sending it out for what could be its biggest job yet. This is a fight that the Bushies can’t afford to lose and so far, the mud doesn’t seem to be sticking to anyone but them.

When the people think you are straightforward and honest, you can get away with mud slinging, all you have to do is appear innocent and act as if you are above the fray as you let your operatives carry out the hit. Bush’s operatives are jumping off the sinking ship leaving the big boys with much of the heavy lifting and the American people are not inclined to believe them right now. The CIA leak investigation has hurt their credibility more than they are willing to admit, and with information seeping out from the edges of the many investigations into White House crimes and cover-ups, even Red State America is finding it difficult to stand by their man.

So as we watch the events play out in the papers and on our television sets, let’s remember that not one of the actors in this farce is without his or her share of blame. Of course we want to see the real villains pay and be brought to justice but there are no heroes on this stage, the real heroes are behind the scenes and in the audience who are hopefully ready to start lobbing the rotten fruit and bring the curtain down on this comedy turned tragedy once and for all.


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