Sunday, January 22, 2006

Much Needed Distraction

I won’t be blogging today, but instead will join the rest of the inhabitants of this fine city in watching our Seahawks trounce the Carolina Panthers.  I did want to direct you to Wampum though, as they have their list of best new blogs that are up for a Kaufax Award.  They have not opened up the voting yet, but they are giving everyone a chance to check out the many great new blogs that have popped up this year.  Go right now and check them out, there are a lot of great people doing a lot of great work.  Enjoy.


Anonymous roberta kelly said...

took some much needed energy to clean up and figure out the new direction of godsmadmen.

it begins to roll out the thunder and lightening, hopefully a wake up call.

very happy to see you on the Kaufax Awards page ~ YES ;-0 Shout about it!

1:21 PM  

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