Thursday, January 12, 2006

Political Appeal

We have been here before; perched precariously on the verge of economic collapse, yet there is no one offering a vision for the future that holds any appeal to the working class, the backbone of the country. Bush, Guliani, Hagel and even McCain can capture the imaginations of the wealthy as well as the poor masses that hold tight to their religion because there is little else to provide them the hope they need just to get out of bed each morning. But what do Democrats have to offer in the way of vision, “we’re better for you, trust us.” Sounds an awful lot like “eat your spinach, it’s good for you.” When has that ever worked?

It’s not about the right candidate with the charisma and charm of a Bill Clinton, nor is it a simple matter of finding the perfect slogan or catch phrase. Radical change is what will win the hearts of Americans. Every poll shows that we’re not happy with the road we are on, nor do we believe we are better off than we were six years ago. We are suffering, we are scared, so get off your butts and show us a better way, we are begging for it. By not doing exactly that, you prove to voters that you don’t care about what concerns them and you are no better than the Republicans, looking out for the same wealthy interests.

Democrats sing the praises of FDR but refuse to learn the lessons that his leadership provided. Americans want a forward thinking leader. We want someone to project a vision of the future that addresses the problems we see no end to. We’re ready for a radical restructuring of our economy that moves us away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy sources. We want to keep the programs that provide a social safety net for those who need it, and we realize that we need them now more than ever before. FDR changed the relationship between government and the people and provided the jobs and social programs that put an end to the kind of suffering that the Republicans and corporatists had unleashed on the country. He was rewarded with reelection not once, but twice. What don’t Democrats get about that?

This could be a very exciting time instead of one of the most fearful in our history. Our national psyche has been damaged by our decline in world status. Whether we admit it or not, we took pride in the fact that we were on the cutting edge of technology and production of goods the whole world wanted. But we no longer have that sense of pride. We are demoralized by our downward slide, frightened by our growing trade deficit and feel helpless because we are not asked, let alone required to participate in bringing about a better way. Yes, people can be manipulated into voting for anything if the right words are used. Frank Luntz is busy testing the words that will evoke positive emotions from voters and will then drill them into Republican Congressman as they head out on the campaign trail. But people also respond to truth.

We can tell on a visceral level when someone is giving it to us straight and we’re even willing to sacrifice for a better future if asked honestly to do so. Not in the way that Walter Mondale did, saying that of course he would have to raise taxes, but by presenting it in a way that appeals to our emotional need to be better than we are. Present it as hard work instead of sacrifice, integrity as opposed to exploitation, and offer pride as a replacement for the feelings of dread that now plague us. Go ahead, challenge us, we are not as timid as you think. We like the idea of our adventurous ancestors who came to this country not knowing what they would find. We’re not afraid to step into the unknown. Go ahead, appeal to our better natures and demand that we take part. You might be pleasantly surprised by our reaction.


Anonymous Jonathan said...

I think there is reason to be hopeful that the nation will experience a sea change. The country has been shifting right for a couple decades or so. Culminating in the republicans capturing control on Congress in 1994 and more recently with the reelection of a failing president. The reason I am hopeful is that the evidence of the excesses and incompetence (and dare I say personal greed) of the republicans is beginning to see the light of day.

America may not be blessed with a media not beholden to big business. And it may not be blessed with a populous that is notorious for having a keen interest in the policy positions of the candidates as opposed to allocating their vote based on which candidate they think they would most like to have a beer with. But the preponderance of evidence clearly shows that the policies of this administration and Congress are failing spectacularly. And this is beginning to be noted by the voters. And that can not be good for republican candidates for office.

The biggest thing the republicans have had going for them is mythology. Specifically, the irrational belief among a large portion of the nation that the republicans are superior in the areas of national security and financial security.

The hard data vividly shows that the economy performs better under democratic presidents than under republican presidents. In any measure you might care to look at. GDP, unemployment rate, total employment, the stock market, real wages, inflation, etc, all show better numbers under democratic presidents. Republicans are known as the party of limited government. But even in that area the numbers indicate a clear advantage goes to the democratic presidents.

The republican incompetence in the area of national security is glaringly obvious also. At least to anyone to cares to review the published information. The 9/11 commission recently issued its report card on the president’s performance on securing the nation against another terrorist attack. The results were not encouraging. Further, the Rand Corporation and the CIA have recently issued reports that seem to indicate that the Iraq war has made us more vulnerable to terrorist attacks in the future.

The American people are going to see the light on day. It is only a matter of time. Things may, and I think are quite likely too, get much, much worse before they get better. But eventually the people of this country will punish republican politicians at the voting booth for their failed policies.

2:58 PM  
Anonymous roberta kelly said...

Lies, lies and more lies and between the lies is blah blah blah and more blah

I listened at 3am today to the EIA Expert, Mr. Guy Caruso.

Wow, not only can't he do math, but his lies are transparent and he has two daughters! What are his children and grandchildren going to think when his magical thinking catches up with them!

This blog changes its topics in a rather rapid time line because changes are radical on this issue. Thus, if you miss the post of Mr. EIA expert, you can read the transcript and catch the video here

It becomes more and more transparent for US ~ we shall not be told the truth in a timely manner. As a matter of fact the truth will be our wake up call that this government body we've trusted has been lying to us about our future as a nation and species, for about 50 years.

Furthermore, the vision of those who saw government as a business, a century ago, rooted their decision into today's outcome and they're not giving up what they believe God chose them to do.

"Full Spectrum Dominance" is what this governing body believes in and they will not stop until the Earth belongs to them, one way or another.

Therefore, should we then run for the hills?

I can't decide yet so the jury is still out on this one.

But, I enjoyed this little read and will share only a portion but more can be found at his site . . .

". . . Miraculously, seconds go by and it is still afloat. You look around to see who’s in charge. The only people you can find who appear to have any authority are some pompous-looking characters operating a gambling casino in the middle of the raft. In back of them stand heavily armed soldiers. You point out that the raft appears dangerous. They inform you that it is the safest and most wonderful vessel ever constructed, and that if you persist in suggesting otherwise the guards will exercise their brand of persuasion on you. You back away, smiling, and move to the edge of the raft. At this point, you’re convinced (and even comment to a stranger next to you) that, with those idiots at the helm, the raft can’t last more than another minute or so. A minute goes by and still . . . (continued)"

4:15 AM  
Anonymous rkelly said...

". . The other complication of the ascendant victory of the Roosevelt New Deal, as inchoate and pragmatic as it evolved, is the birth it gave to its polar opposite in the postwar period, the von Hayek extreme libertarianism current in economics, which regarded the State and all related government bureaucracy as inherently evil and inefficient, as a "road to serfdom." The danger thus, to reach a balanced critique of the Roosevelt economic period from 1933-1941, is that it might be misinterpreted to be another von Hayek-type attack on New Deal public policy." F. William Engdahl

He is the economic expert who genuinely shows us how our economy has actually operated for the past century.

Unfortunately every president ~ whether Republican or Democrat ~ is and has been, inexperienced in running the business of a power nation such as the USA.

And, we the people get to be the guinea pigs for these power war mongers.

This really pisses me off!

4:29 AM  

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