Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year’s Resignations

A new year is a new start. Time to get things in order, make a plan and with the best of intentions, go in search of our better selves through discipline and hard work. We have learned so much in the last year. 2005 brought a shattering of the illusion of democratic elections, the realization that we were sold a war on manufactured intelligence and a religious infrastructure so cynical that it gathered thousands of people inside their mega-churches for “Justice Sunday” in an attempt to generate enough letters, phone calls and contributions to support a Congressional rule allowing for the “nuclear option” to shut down a possible judicial filibuster. God is no doubt proud of his minions.

But the best was saved for the end of the year. A dumping of information so explosive, so disturbing that it could only be revealed in the hectic holiday season, where it could almost get lost in the shuffle, taking a back seat to the real news of the war on Christmas. Our government is spying on us, and not just a little.

What is being uncovered is a wide program of information gathering by the NSA and the Pentagon who are sharing their information with other agencies. First it was only incoming international calls that were being tapped, then it was also outgoing international calls, now it is domestic calls as well. This rolling disclosure will continue for a while. The extent to which our government is collecting data on all of us will trickle out, but we may never know how far it has gone or what has happened to the information that has already been collected. Our president, for his part, has declared himself above the law and revealed his true nature as a power hungry madman with, it appears, no boundaries to contain that lust. If we’re not with him, we’re against him and he has looked us square in the eyes and asked, “Yeah, what are you going to do about it?” Now that is the million-dollar question.

As much as I want to believe that it is, I’m afraid this is not the calm before the storm. This pervasive quiet and unsettling feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop is mixed with a sad sort of resignation. Our president has broken the law, but there is no real outrage about it, just a sense that it seems par for the course with this guy and though we know it’s not right, it doesn’t seem any worse that what he has already done and bragged about in the past. We have already asked the question, “Have you no shame Mr. President?” and we have received the answer loud and clear, “as a matter of fact, I don’t.”


Anonymous rkelly said...

Dick Cheney, Speech at the Institute of Petroleum, Autumn 1999:

". . From the standpoint of the oil industry obviously and I‘ll talk a little later on about gas, but obviously for over a hundred years we as an industry have had to deal with the pesky problem that once you find oil and pump it out of the ground you‘ve got to turn around and find more or go out of business. Producing oil is obviously a self-depleting activity. Every year you‘ve got to find and develop reserves equal to your output just to stand still, just to stay even. This is true for companies as well in the broader economic sense as it is for the world. A new merged company like Exxon-Mobile will have to secure over a billion and a half barrels of new oil equivalent reserves every year just to replace existing production. It‘s like making one hundred per cent interest discovery in another major field of some five hundred million barrels equivalent every four months or finding two Hibernias a year. For the world as a whole, oil companies are expected to keep finding and developing enough oil to offset our seventy one million plus barrel a day of oil depletion, but also to meet new demand.

By some estimates there will be an average of two per cent annual growth in global oil demand over the years ahead along with conservatively a three per cent natural decline in production from existing reserves. That means by 2010 we will need on the order of an additional fifty million barrels a day. So where is the oil going to come from? Governments and the national oil companies are obviously controlling about ninety per cent of the assets. Oil remains fundamentally a government business. While many regions of the world offer great oil opportunities, the Middle East with two thirds of the world‘s oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies, even though companies are anxious lor greater access there, progress continues to be slow . ." Cheney of Halliburton on Oil at the End of the 20th Century

Our entire government has been brainwashed and terrified into doing exactly what they're told.

I'll be very surprised if anything happens to George W. Bush because he is doing exactly what he is told to do. The only mistake he makes is letting his stupid ego be in charge of his dressing up and acting like he is a cowboy movie star or war hero. This exposes him for the ignoramus he really is and this causes US to be ashamed for him and ourselves, it's only a natural response to deceit.

But once we all realize that the war monger hawks in the Pentagon via GHW Bush and Cheney, are the 'government' (see Cheney's speech regarding who is in charge of the oil), we can begin to target the real culprits. Although, going after their puppet George is a healing experience since he thinks he is our only true god.

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