Friday, February 03, 2006

The Glacial Movement Of The Democratic Party

I was digging through some old writings and found this piece that I wrote before I started my blog.  It is sad to me that a year after I wrote it, it is as relevant as it was then.  I am posting it in the hope that we will all see that doing nothing about the state of our country and ignoring the fact that we have no, that’s right NO, real representation in government will only speed along our demise as a free, open and working Republic.  I don’t want to write this same letter over and over again until it becomes against federal law to write it at all.  So here it is, an angry rant from a poor little girl turned middle-class mom who hadn’t yet found an outlet for her fears or an audience that could console her.  Well, our country may not be better off, but I know that I am, thanks in large part to you.

An Open Letter To Our Senators

I am not a radical, tin foil hat wearing conspiracy nut.  I am simply a middle-class stay at home mom, but my concerns about the direction our country is taking and our lack of national leadership, are not simple nor are they easily alleviated.  

I am having a hard time deciding if our leaders are weak or just unaware of the extraordinary problems facing our country.  Do you know that we have a voting system controlled by private companies?  Do you know that we have almost used up half of the world’s oil supply and more importantly do you know what will happen when we reach that tipping point?  Do you know that privately contracted professional soldiers are killing reporters in Iraq who attempt to report the real story?  Do you know that the U.S. is kidnapping people and torturing them in foreign countries?  Do you know that American citizens are being held in jail for years without trials?  Do you know that a component of jet fuel is now found in virtually every woman’s breast milk?  If you don’t, shame on you.  If you do, how do you justify doing nothing about it?

I am tired of hearing excuses from my leaders.  I want some action.  If you, as a U.S. Senator, cannot address these problems, then what use are you to us, the people who elected you to look after our interests?  Is keeping your job more important than serving the people?  My hope is that Democrats in the House and Senate will become Democrats again.  This is not a time to be pandering to an electorate that will never support you.  Evangelicals are not going to vote for you and that’s okay.  We are never going to be the Party of God and that’s okay too.  You were elected because we thought you could lead.  If that is no longer the case then it’s time to pack up and head home.  You certainly didn’t become a US Senator by being a shrinking violet so let’s see some spine.  

It is time for all of you to step out of your insulated bubbles filled with aides who tell you what you want to hear, and start listening to yourselves.  You need to stop watching television news and thinking that you are informed.  Your base is deserting you and you seem to have no idea.  You may think you can replace us with those moderate Republicans in the heartland but really you’re just fooling yourselves.  No one prefers polyester to silk.  It’s just cheaper!

Now is not the time for Congressional hearings on steroid use in baseball, nor is the time to pass legislation intervening in the legal battle of one family in Florida.  This is not a time for weakness or shrinking from our convictions.  It is time to stop playing by the opponent’s rules and make some of our own.  It is time to fight for and win the hearts and minds of the American people.  Staying in office while dumping your beliefs on the side of the road is not acceptable.  If you keep your job by not rocking the boat, what happens when the boat tips over anyway?  You are still wet in the water, but those of us who would have been inclined to help you, will not be rushing to your side to pull you out.  Chances are we will have drowned ourselves by then.


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