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Will His Luck Ever Run Out?

George Bush is the luckiest son of a bitch that ever walked the earth. He and his cronies have been able to capitalize on every disaster that has befallen our country since they took power. 9/11 gave them the “new Pearl Harbor” that they had been so hoping for (pg 65 of their own manifesto), an event so devastating to the country that the fear and distraction of the people would provide them with the cover they needed to pursue an aggressive agenda of domination in the Middle East.

Then we have the upset elections in 2002 that defied all logic and polling, yet miraculously shifted the balance of power in Congress paving the way for a rubber stamp for the Bush/Cheney policy push. That was followed up by an even more unbelievable election in 2004, where polls indicated a win for Kerry, but thousands of anomalies in voter tabulations across the country that defied statistical logic all went in Bush’s favor and swung the election his way at the last minute. In a word, amazing! I expect both Jenna and Barbara to win the Mega Millions Lottery jackpot any day now. Not any less statistically plausible than daddies re-election.

Bush’s most recent stroke of luck was the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina that has purged New Orleans of black folks who no doubt helped elect a Democratic Governor, a Democratic Senator and a Democratic Mayor. But sadly, most of the people displaced by Katrina will not be able to return to their homes and instead will remain scattered across the country, separated from friends, loved ones and the community they had built in the Big Easy. The winds of Katrina destroyed an entire region and at the same time proved to be a windfall for Bush and the Republican Party. Mary Landrieu may as well start packing up her desk now because come November, she will likely be replaced by yet another ubiquitous white Republican man. Talk about actively taking advantage of the misery of others. Landrieu might as well join her fellow Democrats in a filibuster of Alito, at least that way she can go down fighting instead of having one of her last acts as a Senator being the installation of yet another right-wing whack-a-doodle on the Supreme Court.

What has been a string of lucky breaks for the Bush administration have been devastating blows to the American people. With Bush’s agenda in jeopardy due to the Abramoff scandal, the NSA domestic spying inquiry and the bleak outlook in Iraq, it’s hard not be afraid of what might happen next. It defies logic that the Republicans will be able to hold on to their majority in Congress given the Abramoff related indictments on the way, Tom DeLay’s money laundering trial, the ballooning deficit, the lack of oversight on the President and the general stench coming off of them, but a shift in power on Capitol Hill will certainly end with Impeachment, and they simply cannot let that happen. So if recent history can shed any light on the future, we should expect that something bad is heading our way, bad for the American people, but a Godsend to Republicans that will somehow ensure their stranglehold on power. Bush is one lucky guy! Or maybe Dick Cheney helps him make his own luck. Nah, that couldn’t be it.


Anonymous Jonathan said...

Bush was warned about the possibility that terrorists could use airplanes as missiles on August 6, 2001 while he was on a month long vacation. After the briefing about the terrorist he went golfing.

Bush lied us into a war in Iraq. Tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis and 2200 of our bravest citizens have died and 15,000 of our soldiers have been horribly maimed.

Bush gutted FEMA. When hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit, the once vaunted FEMA crumbled under the pressure. Hundreds died (3000 are still missing?) and one of the US’s most unique cities was leveled.

Bush allowed lobbyists from the insurance and pharmaceutical industries to write the Medicare part D drug benefit bill. We are now in the transition to the Medicare drug benefit program and thousands of our most vulnerable citizens are finding that they can not get the critical medicines that they have been taking for years.

Bush cut income and corporate taxes (which mainly benefit the very wealthy) which created a structural deficit of approximately 400 billion dollars per year. Economists worth their salt (and not collecting a pay check from right wing think tanks) are warning about the catastrophic consequences this deficit will cause in a few short years.

When are the people of this nation going to realize that their very lives and livelihoods are in jeopardy while this man is in the White House?

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Blogger liberal elite said...

He is lucky as the devil. I believe he has a bad spirit because he often doesn't tell the truth. The fruit of his actions are destructive not up-building.

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Anonymous roberta kelly said...

The majority of people in the US are still not grasping what is happening and I am astonished at this reality after five years of intense suffering. Generally pain, when it is serious enough, initiates automatic change.

With the internet there is absolutely no reason on this Earth that every human person who can read a sentence, doesn't realize we are a Geo-Political nation.

Bush & Co., et al are finished. Period. Except, "stupid people are real" and this Administration could be dumb enough to attack Iran.

However, should the people in this Administration be stupid enough to go through with this insane plan (Wall Street Dollar Global Hegemony), which includes the Imperial USofA taking over the Middle East, the world shall end as we know it, for certain, and 9/11 won't loom over US as the ghost of past history, but the "Black Witch's mushroom cloud" most certainly can be our legacy as this "One League of Evil Gentlemen" appear to be too ignorant to connect the dots.

". . Oil production, projected before the invasion by the PNAC alumni to jump to 4 million barrels per day, was 2.3 mb/d before the 2003 invasion has not been able to top 2 mb/d since.”

William Kristol who was/is a significant participant in the PNAC's "Full/Total Spectrum Dominance" crafting is an Editor for "The Weekly Standard".

And imagine our surprise that he is a total advocate for an American military attack on Iran.

Send him an email and tell him to shut his mouth about war as the answer to our energy crises.

Now it is time for all you who were not in the streets in the 1960s to get very, very scared and write as many letters to every representative, no matter whether it be Republican or Democrat, and DEMAND NO ON IRAN AND STOP THE INSANITY OF "FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE".

Educate yourselves about our financial situation. This is the problem and our addiction to oil is tantamount to extinction.

Write John Murtha a daily letter and have everyone you know do the same.

“The Proposed Iranian Oil Bourse” by Krassimir Petrov, Ph.D. was published on January 16th at Le Metropole Café ~ Le Metropole Café is a subscriber-only site that features commentary by some of the best economic minds on the planet.

Or, you can search engine the title ~ Krassimir's work is profound and this is an understatement.

I am now officially kicking every butt of every young person in this Country, into becoming literate about your future world and STOP being distracted by the neo-con agenda of political war in the US. Forget about “party” because it’s all the same and this is an ongoing truth for about 100 years. Yes, Nixon began the insanity by creating the dollar as just paper to be printed so we could expand our “economic growth”, and Reagan exacerbated the problem with trickle down and then there was Clinton ~ ah, what an SOB, to cause us in the 1990s to believe our true god was/is “Shop til I drop”. What rubbish.

You must understand the financial implications of why we are at war in Iraq and why we want to dominate the Middle East.

Stop being distracted by politics as usual, in the US. We are in a global reckoning of our proverbial Imperial asses and we're getting kicked to the curb with our Country's insane leaders being told that their charade is over. Dick Cheney is no longer in charge of the war machine and Karl Rove's wet brain puppet is being hung out to dry.

Should our 51st State, Israel, take our US military weaponry and strike Iran, well, I've already said it above and this is why letters daily must be written. March 2006, is the time line for full spectrum stupidity.

PLEASE People get insatiably curious and research the financial/economic websites ~ this is where you find the actual news ~ Alito is a supreme distraction and Rove knew full well every liberal would be focused on this nonsense.

March 2006 is only about 30 days away. Letters, letters, letters and read, read, read!

I have tried to post as much information on godsmadmen dot com as possible so time and energy can be conserved and letter writing can be prioritized.

We’re in this mess because those of us who were in the streets during the 1960s didn’t do our homework and realize exactly what was/is going on, globally, in secret.

BUT, with the internet there are no excuses anymore and this is why those who have internet connections are duty bound to get to the tap root and spread it like wildfire everywhere on the net.

Get to work and this is now a five year too late dead-line!

6:29 AM  
Anonymous roberta kelly said...

Brand spanking new:

". . Recently an Israeli peace group sent the enclosed The Parliamentary Network for Nuclear Disarmament letter to me.

You are also urged to send a similar message to your governments,
urging no military action and especially no use of nuclear weapons
over Iran, and a nuclear - free middle - east.

To sign please reply stating your position, name of your
organisation/party, and location including country, to

The Parliamentarians and Civil Society Appeal on Iran and Nuclear
Weapons, now endorsed by Abolition2000 and Mayors for Peace, is
available on the following urls:

In french:
Tu le trouveras sur le site d'ACDN : en français et en

PNND website at the following url:

It is also on the GANA website of Ak Malten at:




President George Bush
Secy of State Condoleeza Rice
Secy of Defence Donald Rumsfeld
UN Ambassador John Bolton

continued . .

Get to work, IMMEDIATELY ~ LGND & all of you who are the future of this Country and planet Earth.

Your friend, Roberta Kelly

7:06 AM  
Blogger The Truffle said...

It's taken five years for the American people to catch on, but they seem to finally be realizing what this administration's been up to.

Liberals just need to fight and fight and fight some more. Fight to elect good people to Congress. Fight against the extreme right. Fight against the media talking points. And never let up. We WILL have an impact.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't imagine the abject terror, confusion and panic it is to be a liberal. And to be TRAPPED inside your own head, consumed by your own mass delusions.


12:15 PM  
Blogger The (liberal)Girl Next Door said...

No, you couldn't Anonymous, trapped as you and your kind are in your safe haven of white protected against the world's black. Tucked in with your political and religious absolutism with no need at all to question because the answer is simple, faith. It must be nice to know that it's right and good if God or Bush says so. I wonder if the sheep feel pain when they hit the canyon floor or does the Kool Aid take care of that?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


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