Saturday, February 25, 2006

When The Truth Is Old News

If our government was a corporation, we would have already gone the way of Arbusto and Enron, bled dry and bankrupt at the hands of incompetents and criminals. But America isn’t a corporation and what is happening at the hands of BushCo is not your average pillaging. We are the victims of a home invasion style robbery, but instead of taking the loot and hightailing it out, the violent thieves have moved in and are showing no signs of leaving. We are being terrorized on a daily basis and most of us are too stunned at the brazenness exhibited by these ruthless thieves to formulate a plan to kick them out. And due to the long-term exposure, the rest are suffering from Stockholm syndrome.

The truth of any situation involving Bush administration officials is common knowledge among the DC elite, including the reporters and media types that cover them, and the truth is usually in direct conflict with Scott McClellan’s talking points that are dutifully pass on to the public by the White House Press Corps. The truth is also common knowledge among us thinking people, although we are usually basing our knowledge on common sense, guesswork and the statements from the occasional loose-lipped staffer, what with all the beltway insiders keeping the facts to themselves. And as the saying goes, the truth does eventually come out, but by the time it does, it’s old news so why bother reporting it? “We already knew that Cheney was drunk as a skunk when he shot old Harry, and you did too, so what’s the big deal about a few Secret Service guys coming forward to confirm it?”

The big deal is that the MSM peddled this lie to the sheeple for days on end, they repeated over and over that the VP was not drunk and that even the accusation was scurrilous and one more example of liberal smear politics. They may have know the truth, and we may have known the truth, but the dolts watching Fox News (and CNN and MSNBC) will forever believe that it was Harry Whittington’s fault for magically appearing in front of Cheney’s bullet, unless the MSM corrects the story. But that will never happen, it’s old news and the Dubai port deal is the newest outrage. When you’re in trouble for going on a drunken shooting rampage, just sell American ports to a country with ties to Al Qaeda and viola, you’re off the hook. Just when we think they can’t top themselves, they do.

We’ve seen this same thing before, many times. In DC, it was common knowledge that Rove and Libby were the ones who leaked Valerie Plame’s name to reporters. It was common knowledge that the administration was hyping intelligence on Iraq. I wonder what else we’re out here screaming about that is “common knowledge” in DC. Is it common knowledge that Rove had several hackers on the payroll that fixed the last several elections? Is it common knowledge that the ’06 midterms are already decided? Is it common knowledge that the NSA is spying on average Americans who dare speak out against Bush policies? Is it common knowledge that Halliburton is building detention centers for said Americans? If any of these things are proven true after the fact, there won’t be any mention of it anywhere because it will be old news to the beltway insiders. Besides, if any of these stories did magically gain some traction, BushCo will just reveal something even more horrific that will quickly be moved to the front burner, well, until it’s proven true when it will promptly be moved off the radar screen entirely. And on and on and on...


Anonymous roberta kelly said...

LGND ~ this read by Bill Moyer, although a double edged sword, gives me some hope ~

I wish mainstream media would air it for all the "sheeple" to see what the wolves in sheep clothing have been up to.

10:52 AM  
Blogger Lily said...

You are so right and it is so depressing to consider. I'm so tired of the lies but even more tired of the absence of outrage. Its like we're used to it, so we don't get upset.

Hope you can participate in our 'Corporate Appreciation" blogfest this coming week! We have more than 20 blogs that will do posts on nasty corporate actions-pollution, poisoning kids, safety violations..I hope some women, mommies can post on the indiiference about children and the health effects on women from these chemicals on their reproductive organs.... so many possible topics. Sad statement in itself.

9:16 PM  
Blogger The (liberal)Girl Next Door said...

Roberta--I couldn't agree more.

Lily--I would love to participate and have already begun sketching out some possible articles.

11:47 PM  

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