Thursday, May 25, 2006

To The Slammer Boys!

The media seemed a bit taken aback that the jury came to a decision in the Enron case so quickly, but they shouldn’t have been.  The American people have had it with scheming rich white men ripping us off, stealing our retirements and lining their pockets with corporate profits and corporate welfare at the expense of workers and taxpayers.  To bad that Congress is in charge of overseeing White House crimes, manipulation, lies and cover-ups.  If the people could vote to impeach and convict, Bush and Cheney would have been gone long ago.

There isn’t really much difference between what Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling did to Enron and what Dick Cheney and George Bush have done to America.  Lay and Skilling covered up the financial problems within their company and used their insider knowledge to manipulate stock prices and loot the company before the rest of us even had an inkling that there were problems.  It was a clear-cut case of two men making themselves rich at the expense of workers, shareholders, customers and taxpayers.  Cheney and Bush have made themselves and their friends rich at the expense of workers and taxpayers as well.  Last I heard, Cheney’s net worth was around $100 million, Halliburton was still getting lucrative no-bid government contracts, the oil companies were enjoying record breaking profits and Big Pharma couldn’t be happier with the new Medicare prescription plan.  Not bad, I hope these responsible citizens and companies are paying their taxes on all that money and not hiding it in offshore accounts.

And let’s not forget that Dick Cheney and Ken Lay were pals, close enough it seems that when Ken Lay presented his recommendations to Cheney regarding energy policy, those recommendations were implemented.  Of course we don’t know if they were Lay’s recommendations or just a coincidence of wording since all of the notes from those secret meetings have never been released.  Ken Lay’s secrets at Enron have been uncovered, but Cheney’s so far have not.  Lay and Cheney are peas in a pod and Dick better hope he never has to face a jury of his peers, he’d likely get the same treatment as Kenny Boy, it just might not take as long for the jury to convict.

Jeff Skilling and Ken Lay have been found guilty of conspiracy and fraud and are now facing the prospect of decades in jail and it certainly couldn’t happen to a nicer pair.  Well, yes it could.  It’s quite possible that George Bush and Dick Cheney are guilty of conspiracy (in covering up the administrations outing of a CIA agent in an effort to discredit a critic of the war) and fraud (in lying about the reasons for that war) as well, but whether 12 jurors will ever hear the evidence against them and get a chance to decide their fate is another story all together.  I just wish I could find those Republicans that were screaming their heads off about the rule of law during the Clinton years!  They were hard to miss during the 90s, but they are an endangered species in the new millennium.  

It’s too bad really, the “rule of law” Republicans could have had so much fun with the Bush administration.  With Clinton, they had to dig around for years in order to find something to be outraged about, whereas Bush simply supplies new nuggets of outrage virtually every day.  Not only does he thumb his nose at the law, he brags about it afterward.  Oh well, the rule of law may be “so last century” in Washington DC, but in Texas, it’s still alive and well, at least for today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was afraid they'd be aquitted. the guy from some big HMO or something down there went on TV and talked about Jesus before his trial and the jury let him walk.

1:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lay/Skilling - I think the best thing that could have happened would be to let them go and allow for families affected to exact their revenge. I have to think that with the thousands of people that they stole from, somebody might be crazy enough to handle it. Country-Club jail is too good for these guys.

Bush/Cheney - if you think that either one of them (or any Pres./VP) would spend one day in jail, your delusional. I hate them with a passion, but I don't waste my time considering the impossible.

1:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

pretty much every conviction is the legal systems atonement for OJ

2:18 PM  
Anonymous Dale Hippert said...


Console yourselves with a paraphrase of a statement by R. Lee Emey's D.I. in
"Full Metal Jacket". "You can give your soul to Jesus, but your ass belongs to The Federal Bureau of Prisons!" Read how Martha felt about her stint.

Also, hopefully not a few of their fellow white collar criminals had 401K's laden with Enron stock!

3:21 PM  
Blogger The (liberal)Girl Next Door said...

Anonymous--I wasn't worried about an aquittal, but I'm still a little worried about a set aside by the judge.

Anonyous II--Oh, I don't spend any time hoping for Dubya and Shooter behind bars however much I love the mental picture.

Anonymous III--Right?!

Dale--That would be poetic justice for sure!

4:01 PM  
Anonymous Dale Hippert said...


Don't worry about the appeal. From the start, as with Bernie Ebbers/WorlCom, I've stated that you can't be both a 'Master of the Universe', with your face on the cover of Fortune Mag. and lionized by the business commmunity and Wall Street, and then plead: "I didn't know", or "I FORGOT!"

This is the same weak ass defense that's going to sink those other 24/7 harder working and smarter than everyone else assholes, Karl and Scooter!

4:36 PM  
Anonymous geocrackr said...

Anybody want to lay odds on Shrub pardoning his buddy Kenny-boy? I'm sure your first reaction is "He wouldn't dare," but we've seen time and time again in countless other arenas that yes, in fact, he would. As the old saying goes, "Fool me once shame on... shame on you... fool me twice... won't get fooled again."

5:17 PM  
Anonymous Dale Hippert said...


I'll take that 'bet' at 4 to 1 against. I choose '4' because I think that will be close to the # of risky pardons he'll be considering. Libby and Rove for sure. Throw in a Frist, Hadley or some other wild card Plamegate or Abramhoff indictee to be announced.

I also think that Dubya will have so saddled the Rethugs with a legacy of crony-capitalism and corruption, that he'll be 'advised' not to punctuate it with fodder for Dem campaign recitations over the next 8 years.

Pardons would also necessitate amazing gymnastics by Rethugs who are currently crying about
alleged amnesty in the Immigration Bill.

Not that they aren't capable of making Romanian women gymnasts seem comparatively like hippos on roller skates!

6:06 PM  
Anonymous tony c. said...

I wouldn't worry much about a set-aside, LG. Judges typically have a high level of respect for jury verdicts. The standard for judgment notwithstanding the verdict is extremely high - the evidence must be such that no reasonable person could convict on the evidence. This usually only happens if the Government fails to put any evidence at all toward one element of the crime.

The other thing is that the Government could appeal such a ruling, and on appeal, the standard of review is also very high - the appellate court will view all of the evidence in the light most favorable to upholding the jury verdict.

They're better off buying lotto tickets (or members of Congress).

Chances on appeal... depend on what happened in the case.

As an attorney, my advice to Kenny-Boy is, "Don't drop the soap."

9:45 PM  

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