Friday, July 21, 2006

I’m Not Ready To Settle, I Still Want It All

I was invited to join a blogger meet-up with Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico last week and I have to say, he’ll make an impressive Presidential candidate should he choose to run in ’08.  I can’t say that I’m a supporter, but I did like what he had to say about immigration, the minimum wage and energy policy, particularly how it relates to foreign policy and national security.  I have always felt that if our economy were not based on access to cheap oil as it is now, our foreign policy, even under the Bush administration, would look much different.  I was happy to hear Bill Richardson acknowledge the importance of renewable energy and even more thrilled to hear him describe climate change as a security issue.

He did say he supports an Apollo like project for renewable energy and that he thinks subsidies for nuclear power should be scrapped.  Funding the science and discovery of new technologies is where we should be focusing our attention, it’s the right thing to do for the planet, for the stability of our country and because it will support new industries that will help grow our economy and provide more jobs.  The Governor talked a bit about how he’s done just that in his own state with great success.

When asked by David Goldstein of Horse’s Ass if he considered himself a DLC Democrat, the Governor gave a typical politicians response, “No, but I am going to their convention.”  I guess I can’t blame him for trying to cover all the bases, but I just can’t get behind another moderate as long as there’s still an option of choosing a real progressive (go ahead and read that as Russ Feingold).

Of all the candidates that the pundits are espousing as “frontrunners” for the Democrats in ‘08, I’d have to say that Bill Richardson is one of my top choices, but I’m still holding out for the real liberals to make a splash.  As good as Governor Richardson is on renewable energy, a real liberal (like Russ Feingold) is guaranteed to be better.  I’m still not willing to give up on the idea that what this country needs now, more than ever, is some good old-fashioned liberal policy to get us back on the right track.  Richardson would be fine, but we could get someone great.  

Like my friend Will from Pike Place Politics said as we were leaving the meeting, “I haven’t been pinned yet.”  And neither have I, there’s still plenty of time to play the field.  It’s way to early to settle, I’ll save that for much later.


Anonymous rkelly said...

Hello Mollie -

I'm feeling just as better safe than sorry too but then there is this part of me that keeps hearing those guys at ASPO International say -- don't vote America unless the politician(s) is/are running the/their platform(s) on energy -- the guy from New Mexico is all about energy and even acknowledges Peak Oil.

What to do is the question and the augustreview says not to vote for any member of the CFR, Fed, TC, etc. but then, Clinton wasn't a member of the club until he got into office.

Intuition? Damn my doesn't seem to want to work anymore so I guess I'm stuck with not knowing and this is depressing me.

I'll just keep reading your work and blog and figure it out.

Thanks for being so smart and such a great investigative, scholarly and fun/brilliant writer!

Check out godsmadmen because I finally wrote my letter to the Oregon "leaders."

all the best, r

7:16 AM  
Blogger liberal journal man said...

I have to agree with you. Richardson has a sterling resume, but I want a true progressive like Feingold...

9:33 AM  
Blogger amphimacer said...

I think it may be time for some liberal to stand up and say, "I'm not a liberal. I'm a conservative. I want to conserve energy, and conserve the atmosphere, the water, and the earth of this planet we all live on. I want to conserve public programs that serve the American people, like libraries, Medicare, public education, and other social services that lower crime rates and help our neediest citizens. I want to conserve the civil and tolerant society that allows for differences of opinion without labeling them as treason. I want to conserve our republic, by ensuring that our elections are so free, open, and fair that we will once again be seen as a beacon of democracy. I want to conserve our reputation in the world as a land of truth, freedom, and opportunity, and not a country that will go to war on false pretences and torture its prisoners of war. I want to conserve our liberties as they are enshrined in the Constitution of these United States and its Bill of Rights, not attack those liberties with illegal wiretaps and the broad suspension of human rights here and abroad. There was a time when the words 'liberal democracy' meant the best country in the world, but some people think that 'liberal' has become a dirty word. So let's make it clear what a liberal is: a liberal is the very best kind of conservative, one who wants to conserve all that is good about America."

1:59 PM  
Anonymous S.W. Anderson said...

Richardson certainly is smart, experienced and very personable.

However, anyone who considers a DLC-type Democrat (a.k.a. Republican-Lite) a nonstarter for the White House should instead ask Richardson (or whoever), "Governor, are you a DLC Democrat, and if not, in what ways do you differ from the DLC?"

My best understanding of Richardson and his position on free trade and globalization is that he's very much on the same page as Bill Clinton and the DLC. Oh, he'll acknowledge there are problems and toss out some vague lip service about how something's gotta be done.

I have a big problem with that position and approach. We've seen too much of it from too many already.

Feingold's a fine man and a fine senator. He's gutsy and principled, excellent on the issues and would make a good president. Dennis Kucinich had those attributes, except he was a representative. But Kucinich lacked the money and political horsepower to pull it off, although he certainly fought the good fight. I worry Feingold will go down the same path.

If I had to pick someone right now, my druthers go to Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware. Right now, we especially need someone who knows foreign policy and is good at dealing with foreigners. No one in the Senate and few if any in the country can top Biden in either respect.

Biden's also has a good, liberal record on domestic matters, although, make no mistake, he will watch out for the many corporate interests headquartered in his small state. I cut him slack on that because if he'd done otherwise, his Senate career would have ended long ago. That's just the way it is.

4:54 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

Richardson would do well as president and we could have fun “outing” all the racist folks that are hiding their racism behind immigration reform during the campaign. We could probably take down half the anchors at CNN.

5:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


While I'm not pinned, I am seeing someone right now. Who knows how that'll end up...


12:45 AM  

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