Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Uncaged Cabaret

If you live in the Seattle area, are a liberal, care about protecting our first amendment rights and would like to help Jim McDermott in his legal battle against government secrecy, then I’ve got the fundraiser for you.  Dina Lydia, local activist (and beautiful woman) has organized the Uncaged Cabaret, proceeds of which will go to help pay the legal bills that Congressman McDermott has racked up defending himself against political retribution in the form of Boehner v McDermott.  

Sunday, August 20th will be an evening of music, food, bellydancers and an auction.  I have even donated an interview and blog post for anyone willing to pay for the priviledge.  I can do one hell of a puff piece for the right price.  

For a liberal Congressman that has not used his position to enrich himself (like so many others), $700k is a lot of money in legal bills and penalties incurred by simply telling the truth and defending the peoples right to know what our government is up to.  For an explanation of why it is so important that we help support McDermott, read this post from Huffington Post’s Dal Lamagna and to buy a ticket to this fantastic event, visit the Uncaged Cabaret website.  The poster alone should get you in the door, the principle behind it should put a smile on your face while you pay for the ticket.  Don’t wait too long, it might sell out!


Anonymous Dale Hippert said...

Hmmm, I like the looks of the roster of 'performers' but but I'm not so sure that I need to see more of Condi's boots!

9:00 AM  

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