Thursday, October 12, 2006

The GOP Clinging To Moral Relativity And The Malleability Of Facts

According to Congressman Christopher Shays, as long as no one dies, Republican scandals don’t matter. That is setting the bar a bit high, but okay, I can work with that. This Republican administration aided by this Republican Congress purposefully hoodwinked the American public into an illegal war that has cost almost 3,000 young Americans their lives, and according to a new report from Johns Hopkins University, over 600,000 innocent Iraqi citizens as well. I’d say that rises to the level of importance. And as if that isn’t enough, the Republican Congress supported and passed this Republican administrations wish list on torture and continues to look the other way when it comes to extraordinary rendition, you know, kidnapping so called “enemy combatants” and sending them to Uzbekistan to be tortured, sometimes to death. How about murder and war crimes Congressman Shays? Does that matter? I’d be happy to talk these issues to death as they have greater consequences than a sexual predator in your midst. The problem for you is that you have to defend this sleazeball as well as your leadership that protected him at the peril of our children, but you’re right, compared to the nearly one million deaths that have resulted from GOP incompetence and hubris, a few teenage boys used for the sexual gratification of a power mad Congressman is really nothing to get worked up about.

When confronted with the report on Iraqi civilian deaths, our dear President, of course, simply denied the facts. Big surprise eh? This is a man that still thinks global warming is a hoax and continues to hinder scientific research on stem cells because he’d rather pander to his right-wing religious base that think a fertilized egg is a person. To be fair, the report gives only an estimate of war related fatalities, which they say falls between 393,000 to 943,000 people, but even on the low end, that is a far cry from the 30,000 deaths the Bush administration claims, which is an estimate as well. Heading into a midterm election that is looking more and more grave for Republicans every day, Mr. Bush has no choice but to deny the accuracy of the report, politically it’s his only option and we know that when Bush speaks, political calculus has already been applied to his words before they ever leave his lips.

Trickle down may not work when it comes to tax breaks for the rich, but when it comes to accountability, there is a top down flow. When the President routinely denies scientific findings and exhibits a laissez faire attitude toward accuracy and accountability, it has an effect on the myriad of government agencies charged with serving and protecting the public. When Bush stood next to FEMA’s Michael Brown during the disaster that was the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina and told the world, “You’re doin’ a heckuva job Brownie,” he sent the message that political blood is thicker than even 20 feet of water. It should come as no surprise that heads of other agencies got the message that the right answer is the one that benefits this administration, facts be damned. Thus we have NASA scientists bullied into changing their findings, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) researchers having their findings on global warming kept from the public and EPA labs conducting tests on our water supplies that start with the desired answer and then conduct the tests. Fixing the facts to fit the policy is the true legacy of the Bush administration. No wonder they think they are never wrong, all evidence to the contrary is promptly dumped in the trash and anyone who dares utter the truth is cut loose immediately.

I get the sense that the Republican voter base doesn’t care much about the stifling of facts and the manipulation of science for political gain, but I can only hope that they have enough self-respect to stop supporting a Party that holds them in such contempt. If the “values voters” will get off their high horses long enough to at least look at the facts on the ground, they will see that the GOP has nothing but lip service to offer them. They need to stop listening to Karl Rove and start listening to their own, and they should start with David Kuo, the former number two guy at the Office Of Faith Based Initiatives that has written a book about his experience with the Bush administration titled, Tempting Faith: An Inside Story Of Political Seduction in which he reveals that Karl Rove’s office routinely referred to Evangelical leaders as “the nuts”. It’s time to face facts, the home that Evangelicals have found in the Republican Party is an abusive one and it’s time to get out. They really should trust their first instinct and stay out of politics all together, it will only sully their religion and allow for devils like Karl Rove to take God’s lambs and turn them into Republican sheep. Don’t go over the cliff with them, cut the ties and save yourselves while there’s still time.


Anonymous Dale H. said...


One of your very best! Ties together multiple themes/crimes of this "we create our own reality" crew.

Well done!


7:28 PM  
Blogger Scaramouche said...

Ther are times I want to weep for what has happened to our country. Your catalogue of obscenities visited upon us by moralizing prigs makes my heart swell and desire to fight for the better day, soon to come, when we toss these clowns and criminals out on their asses.

11:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


8:18 AM  
Anonymous Dale H said...

"anonymous said"...

Lemme guess, "cold-cut boy". Faith based, room temperature IQ, no guts, no military
finish it!

7:34 PM  
Anonymous W.D.Russell said...

Look at how little the religious right has said about Mark Foley, and compare that to how much tome they spent with Janet Jackson's nipple. Nobody died then either.

6:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Dale,

Yeah, it doesn't take much guts or intelligence to insult someone on the Internet, so I guess you can identify with the room temperature I.Q. and the yellow stripe. You don't like that I don't agree with your opion so you do what all good liberals do. Rather than making an argument, you hurl insults because you can't handle real debate. Why don't you go hang out at the local college and throw some pies at conservative women. I am sure you won't have any problems with beating up on women.

Cold Cut Boy

9:09 AM  
Anonymous Dale H. said...

anonymous/coldcut boy~

Seems to me that LG expressed opinions that I agreed with. What argument exactly am I to make with "baloney"? What part of my description of you was inaccurate? Be specific. Otherwise, I think my inferences cut to close to the bone (head).

As to which colleges near me I can go and find "conservative women", lets see: Nothwestern, 2 miles to the north? Naw, they're all off the charts on SATs and achievement, no conservative dummies there. U. of Chg, 15 miles south? NOOO, liberals abound. Wheaton college, 25 miles to the SW? NOW we're talkin'! Wonder if those lovely evangelicals are at all upset at the 'revelations' that they're actually held in private, healthy contempt by the Neocon coup running this country into the ground?

Can't handle some well earned ridicule? Get back IN the kitchen and
bake up a pie with which to defend yourself!

1:24 PM  
Anonymous Jonathan said...

Hold on there Dale, I love you like a brother, but I think you really crossed the line this time. I think you owe anonymous an apology. Anonymous made a very eloquent, salient and well thought out argument in his first post in this thread. Now, I may not happen to agree with him (I’m a roast beef with Muenster cheese and lettuce on rye with a thin layer of mayo kind of guy myself) but this is America and I think he has a right to express his opinions.

Anonymous, on the other hand, exceeded expectations in his follow up post. He could not have reflected a part of the Republican caricature more accurately if he were an imposter. I am going to save this string for posterity. In his first post he hurls an insult (of sorts – a pretty lame one really) and does not enter into the discussion in any constructive way. Then when you challenge he offers this non sequitur:

“You don't like that I don't agree with your opion (sic) so you do what all good liberals do. Rather than making an argument, you hurl insults because you can't handle real debate.”

In essence he was accusing you of some sin that he himself had just committed. The fact that his former transgression is a matter of public record is not of concern to him. People who would vote Republican lack the attention span necessary to remember that far back and they lack the intellectual curiosity to review the public record. This is classic Republican debating technique and it appears, based on the fact that no Republican has ever gone to prison for it, to be perfectly legal. Anonymous has done nothing wrong. He performed spectacularly. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he were awarded the Presidential Metal of Freedom for the shear audacity it took to attempt to pull that off on a liberal web site.

2:41 PM  
Anonymous Lady Liberal said...

More ridiculous Republican attempts at getting a step up. Idiots.

5:38 PM  

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