Monday, October 09, 2006

How Are Those Six Party Talks Going Mr. Bush?

George W. Bush is on a roll, making the world safer through belligerence toward and bombing of non-threats while ignoring and inciting the real ones.  With a president like him, who needs enemies?

North Korea today conducted its first nuclear weapons test, setting the world on edge and proving yet again how dangerous the Bush administration has turned out to be.  Not only did George W. Bush turn his back on diplomatic efforts to rein in North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, he also handed Kim Jong-il the perfect basis for marketing his new toy to his country and allies.  North Korea is going with the “Bush administration made me do it” defense and who in the world won’t understand, at least in some way, the argument that nuclear weapons are the only real deterrent to an unlawful US invasion?  I’m not buying it, but many citizens of the world will and not without reason.

This is a sad day for nuclear non-proliferation efforts and peace activists everywhere.  It’s hard not to see this as the beginnings of a new nuclear arms race, but this time it will be far more complicated as it won’t be limited to two superpowers.  The idea that nuclear weapons will provide a deterrent against imperial invasion will resonate, especially in countries that possess natural resources appealing to US companies.  The citizens of the world are not as ignorant as are US citizens of the tactics used by this country to gain control of and exploit resources that don’t belong to us.  When the Soviet Union collapsed, there was a sense around the world that the US would be a responsible Super Power, that we would wield our singular power wisely, but that was back when much of the world still trusted us.  That is not the case anymore, thanks to our diplomatically challenged President.

So what happens now?  Is South Korea going to put at risk their economy by taking military action?  Is Japan going to be forced to overturn their pacifist constitution in order to join the arms race for fear of suffering again what they did at the hands of America sixty years ago?  Is Iran going to be emboldened by North Korea’s defiance?  Will North Korea provide cover for Iran?  Is it time to choose up sides and dive headfirst into the new nuclear age and World War III that the Bush administration seems hellbent on sparking?  Or will the American people finally wake up to the fact that our leader is just as crazy as Kim Jong-il?

That the world became a lot more dangerous today can be laid squarely at the feet of this president.  Bush chose to ignore the real threats in favor of manufactured ones.  He chose aggression over diplomacy and in the process destroyed our reputation, sacrificed our safety, ignited anti-Americanism around the world and caused a re-alignment of allegiances that is increasingly putting us at odds with the rest of the world.  Bush has proven that we cannot be trusted to use our singular Super Power status responsibly, how dare we be surprised that the world is reacting accordingly.  At this point, the best we can hope for is that we have enough goodwill in reserve to repair the damage, but we can only cash in on that reserve if we do something about our tyrant in the White House.  If we rein him in soon, we may still get credit, but time is running out, and fast.


Anonymous david said...

Bush & Bolton: now there's a tag-team that makes me feel safe. NOT.

So, experts say an attack on Iran might trigger a nuclear war because attacking Iran with a ICBM would look the same as an attack on Russia or China.

What does North Korea want? Well, for starters, stop calling it a member of the Axis of Evil. It's not paranoia if someone really is out to get you.

Next, chill out! There's still MAD --mutually assured destruction. North Korea isn't able to attack anyone without being destroyed in return. And a half-dozen tiny nuclear weapons do not pose a threat to the USA. (Americans are more in danger of one of their own nuclear weapons going off by mistake than from NK.)

Finally, stop meddling in Korean politics. The Americans nixed the sunshine policy of the South Koreans. Why? Because US policy doesn't believe in negotiating with, er, rogue states. Unless they're rogue states they're willing to negotiate with.

Both Iran & North Korea want things from the world. They're using nuclear power as a bargaining tool. So, stop playing Armageddon diplomacy and listen to the EU, Russia, China, Japan, and South Korean. It's called the Six Party Talks because this isn't some High Noon confrontation between Bush and Kim. It concerns the neighbours of North Korea.

BTW, if you really want to know how long US troops will be in Iraq, ask yourself why America still has troops in Japan, Korea, and the Phillipines?

1:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Olbermann got it right last month when he asked the public:



4:42 PM  
Anonymous xenophon said...

I'm not too optimistic that the Bush adminstration's foriegn policy will suddenly become astute, or successful.

That would require me to be like the Queen of Hearts in "Alice in Wonderland", "perfectly willing to believe sixteen impossible things before breakfast".

After all, one of the people most responsible for North Korea's aquisition of nuclear equipment, Donald Rumsfeld, is a member of Bush's cabinet. And we've already been told he's "doing a heck of a job", and is secure in his position.

The observation that "mutually assured destruction" is still in place isn't very comforting.

Bush's policy of "staying the course" in all things makes me think things will stay basically as they are now even though the situation cries out for change.

And the lesson Iran and others will inevitably draw from Bush's response will that countries with nuclear weapons are negotiated with, not threatened with attack.

9:21 PM  
Blogger Godlessfriend said...

David, Excellent've nailed this one.

I don't think that we would need to use an ICBM if an attack was neccessary. There are certainly a few Wolverine class subs floating around the neighborhood that have been refitted with numerous smaller tactical nukes.

The real question here is why do they insist on pissing off NK. Was it a predicted response utilized to bolster the Rights fear factor? A nuclear program doesn't get developed overnight(more like decades). Maybe they new this was inevitable regardless of negotiations. I generally have a opinion on, I'm lost.

5:38 AM  
Anonymous kindlingman said...

Good post. And it leads us to Madame Secretary.
Let's play a game: who can name three accomplishments of Condoleeza Rice as either the head of NSA or as Secretary of State?
Second question: which group(s) agree with you?
Do I hear silence in the room?

6:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, looks like they are going well now, it must be a miracle or something

12:16 PM  

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