Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Left Has So Much More Fun

Okay, so, I don’t listen to right wing radio, because, well, I’m a liberal and with George Bush in the White House, I don’t need anymore aggravation in my life, but since I’m helping to keep the lights on over at Blather Watch, I felt compelled to listen to a variety of talk radio instead of my standard fare of Air America and The David Goldstein Show. Yesterday, the hot topic on talk radio was simultaneous orgasm for peace. I guess I picked a good day to start.

In case you missed it, there’s this couple in California that is attempting to organize a virtual orgy of sorts, a day (December 22, 2006) where everyone (who can) has sex and reaches orgasm while thinking about world peace. Hell, even if it doesn’t solve the world’s problems, I’m willing to give it a shot. And that right there is the big difference between having a liberal, as opposed to a conservative, view of the world, it’s positive rather than negative, it’s progressive rather than regressive and it’s about attempting to make the world a better place instead of sucking it dry for personal gain.

Rush Limbaugh was incensed by this whole idea, and of course, he had to make it seem as if the event was being organized by Nancy Pelosi, whereas on The Young Turks (my god, I had to listen to the left end of the dial by the end of the day just to feel clean) they made just as much fun of the idea, but instead of being angry about it, their take was, “go forth and orgasm for peace, it certainly can’t hurt.” Right?! When the world is in so much turmoil, what the hell is wrong with trying something positive, even if it is tilting at windmills?

On my first day of listening to talk radio for Blather Watch, I’m glad the talkers were taking on the big issues. Rush actually spent nearly two entire segments on this story and he used it as an example of “who we’ve put in charge of our government.” I guess I should be glad that that’s all he’s got right now. Once the Democrats officially take control of Congress, I’m sure there will be plenty of real and dangerous distortions dripping from his lying lips for the rest of us to untangle.


Anonymous lester said...

dec 22 is my birthday. please don't take part in this gross thing or do it not on the 22

2:46 PM  
Anonymous Dale H. said...

Maybe it IS just me, but I lost count of the # of double entendres and puns!

Allow me to interject some irony. That the one most exercised over such a benign event is the biggest hand job on talk radio is PERFECT!

3:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have four talk radio links that I listen to while surfing the "net" during the day.

They can be found at my Blog, The Cosmic Message.

My favorite is Thom Hartman because he offers an interactive blog and Chat room besides his talk show.

Other links I have at my Blog is a really kewl site called "Krush Radio" featuring a great mix of alternative rock and talk radio for the younger generation.

In addition there's "Freepodcast Live" out of New Hampshire which can be downloaded anytime to take with you on the run, Pacifica's "Uprising Radio" and "C-Span" for those who like good public affairs programming.

Stop by sometime and check these links out. I can be found at Thom Hartman's site as well under the ID, "Cosmic."


10:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Give Limbaugh a break; he's been carrying the GOP/Bush's water for 6 years.

10:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mollie, This was in the Chico ER Editorials last week...
-Jasmine :)

"Event bad for environment:
The proposed "Global orgasm for peace" event on Dec. 22 might take some of the fight out of people around the world, but what about the smoke pollution from those millions of cigarettes that will be lit up afterward? This could be a problem."

4:28 PM  
Blogger Freudian Slip said...

Do you think that Rush actually believes all of the twisted lies that come out of his mouth? He preys on the ignorant, telling them commandingly how to feel. Oh I can't stand him!

1:39 AM  

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