Thursday, January 04, 2007

New!!! Improved!!! More is More…

Guest Post by Man of American Dissent

What does one do with a product that’s reaching the end of it’s life cycle, waning in popular appeal, oversold and perhaps even baited and switched one too many times? One answer is to reinforce the brand and make the product more modern and relevant. New and improved!!! Experience the difference. Ride the wave! Feel the surge! If current accounts are accurate, the Bush administration is about to blitz us with Stay The Course version 2.0. Now with more troops inside!

I don’t know about you, but when I reach into a bag of “New and Improved!” Cheezitoz snack food product, all I get is a bigger mouthful of the same old junk. To top it off, I wind up with an even more intense version of that bright orange dust all over my shirt and hands. I have the feeling that the same will be true if more troops are deployed to Iraq. The painful difference is that we’ll be dealing with even more blood on our hands as a result of what we have allowed our government to do. This plan is like the “New Coke” of policy, but worse. Problem number one is that there’s no classic formula that everyone already loves to revert to. Problem number two is that in the mid-term elections, the people spoke and escalating the conflict in Iraq is the exact opposite of what We The People have said that we want.

Let’s boycott this marketing campaign. I certainly am not buying that this “new way forward” is anything less than a “New!” agenda, now with 50% more failure. There’s only one way to move forward. We need to pull the administration’s head out of its ass so that it will stop running circles in the dark. The Democrats are taking their place in the majority in the House and Senate. Now is the time to keep them honest and make sure that our country adopts and implements a policy in Iraq that yields political and civil stability. Call and write your Senators and Congresspeople. Let them know “It’s the War Stupid.”.


Anonymous david said...

The troop surge has no military value,it's strictly a political move.

And this is what is so reprehensible about this Administration: it is always about politics.

Bush will not bring home the troops because they want to blame the Democrats for the defeat in Iraq.

Even today Republicans blame Democrats for the loss of the Vietnam war. Some claim victory was within reach when Congress called retreat.

It's the Enron philosophy. If only people kept on believing, all would be okay. It's the little boy who refuses to see the Emperor's clothes who is to blame for the lack of garments.

And now the President is opening your mail. Will nothing stop this tyrant from cancelling Election 2008?

11:15 AM  
Blogger Man of American Dissent said...

I couldn't agree more. This surge is purely political, and I really can't see any possible explanation of how it creates benefit.

As far as canceling the 08 election, anything is possible especially if Pat Robertson's prediction about a mass casualty terrorist attack in late 07 is more insider trading than ridiculous musings from a right wing nutjob.

11:25 AM  
Anonymous Mark W. Bradley said...

Well said, Man of American Dissent. The snack-food analogy is apt on so many levels. The American people have not been asked by this administration to commit to a full "sitdown" dinner in Iraq, but rather are offered one bag after another of enticing, but ultimately artery plugging "puff-chips." Now that coronary bypass surgery for our nation is medically indicated, Bush & Co. are proposing the Beef Jerky and Snickers diet as a way to correct the problem.

4:17 PM  
Anonymous david said...

Why is that the plans given by Kerry during the debate sound so good now? And what is so treasonous about this White House is that, by wasting so much effort on Iraq, the situation in Afghanistan slid down a slope to a point of no return as well.

I read a story in the Guardian UK about the rapid rise in Britain's rat population. Privatized water companies no longer routinely clear rats out the drains, municipal councils now charge to clear out rat's nests found in people's yards, and there's more litter about to provide a food source.

I see it as a metaphor for the whole neo-conservative movement. Cut taxes, reduce spending, eliminate red-tape and the "rats" are the only ones who really benefit. And the rats bring disease and destruction. See what a wonderful job the rats have done of restoring Katrina.

(BTW, I believe if FDR were president he'd have used Katrina as an opportunity to turn New Orleans into the Venice of America. Now that would have given the Army Corps of Engineers something creative to do.)

9:25 PM  
Anonymous Betty Cracker said...

What I want to know is why Bush plans to replace the retiring John Abizaid with a Navy admiral. Why choose the guy who commands the Pacific fleet to run two wars in mostly land-locked countries? Iran and Syria, anyone? Bush is crazy enough to think that way.

2:36 AM  
Anonymous rkelly said...

send letters to the appropriate places and copy the people who are our "government." our government must get its money to spend and, this includes all the illegal occupations and wars. after all, it IS we the people who pay for this so why not refuse to allow the money to be printed - it's only counterfeit anyway and the rest of the world doesn't like holding onto the now valuless US$ especially when it means buying america's debt simply to set themselves up as sitting ducks for "full spectrum dominance!"

shut down the printing press, stop the tax dollar from being a criminal enterprise (it used to feed the war machine but since greenspan the printing press of the FED has also been a LIBERALLY "giving" hand) - then and only then can we actually see progress.

the dems i do hope can become once again what this country once was but it's not an overnight healing here.

no, unfortunately we have no less than two and perhaps three generations to get it right in the healing of our country and its citizens.

the billionaire mobsters have been crafting this plan since they were only small fledgling multi-millionaires and they've been in this bracket for hundreds of years.

DEMAND the dems to shut down the fed, stop the illegal taxation of americans, and when they do we can trust that they mean to do us good, but not until!

without taking the money that the FED prints so that the ruling elite can go to war and own the planet, and of course, stopping the illegal taxation of citizens, there will be no power to the people.

these people kept doing what they do and watching how the people would react - it took a long, long, LONG time to get to us and now with this final thrust to cleanse the population problem, so the oil problem won't exist and therefore the multi-billionaires can FINALLY become the multi-trillionaires and therefore they and their families are finally CROWNED Gods of Planet Earth (see the bush crime family's relationship to the rev moon who is trying to do a coup on the UN) - we're on a life support system.

begin to think in terms of thousands, like the chinese. it helps to bring back some sanity when we consider that a few hundred years when compared to thousands - well, time is not the enemy here otherwise we'd have to quit

5:41 AM  
Anonymous whl said...

Yep & yup & yowp. There are a few blips here & there in blogistan about the wingnutz regurgitating the old phony crap that Gen. Giap of Vietnam claimed that the North was ready to surrender (to whom, I wonders, I does) when the USA media described Tet as a Viet Cong & NVA victory & the American people gave up. This is a form of the "Dan Rather gave 'em South Viet Nam" bullshit. The Giap crap has been debunked many times: it isn't in his book & he never said it in an interview. It's just a fabricated lie by the wingnutz.

Now, the rethuglicans are setting up the same kabuki drama for Iraq & Afghanistan--that's the reason for the "benign neglect" of the Afghans.

Guess who consults to Darth Cheney?

Henry the K. Ol' Doc Kissinger the king of stay the course. I suppose in a short while, OB Laden will make a statement about how the US liberal media gave him freedom in Pakistan, room to roam in Afghanistan & victory in Iraq. The actual quotation will probably appear on graphic at FauxSnooze.


7:17 PM  

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