Friday, December 22, 2006

Are The Blinders Finally Coming Off?

My schedule has been a little bit out of whack since the big windstorm here in Seattle last week.  My writing haven, a covered deck in the back yard rigged up with an outlet for my laptop (and a door to the cold outside between me and my kids), was ripped apart and I couldn’t seem to get my rhythm right.  So instead of reading news online, I was watching the cable news shows and although I felt less informed, I was encouraged by what I was seeing and hearing.

Mere weeks ago, the pundits and Bush administration surrogates (and apologists) were still putting a happy face on the Iraq occupation.  What a difference an election makes.  I was watching MSNBC earlier this week and I heard words like “delusional” and “impeachment” used in reference to President Bush, and that was on Joe Scarborough’s show!  There seems to be a fear setting in amongst Republicans and pundits that what those of us on the left have been saying for years, just might be true.  Namely that this President is crazy!  He is an End Times believer and an ideologue and he is in charge of our foreign policy!  It’s about time they started questioning his fitness to lead this country.

Bush’s “go it alone” mentality is no longer viewed as a positive, but rather as a sign that he has become completely isolated and his determination to stay the course in Iraq is increasingly seen as delusional, a word I’ve been using to describe dear leader for a long time.  I never believed that he was “listening to the commanders on the ground” and now it is becoming clear that he wasn’t.  His plan to send more troops into Iraq in an effort to secure (at least) Baghdad is insane and criminal.  No one (except the President) thinks there is any winning in Iraq, and sending more of our young people to die for an effort that is already lost is the same as shooting them himself, and more and more Republicans are wary of being accomplices to that kind of crime.

It was Republicans that made it possible to rid our government of Nixon, and it will be Republicans that finally rid us of Bush.  It’s about time they opened their eyes to the horror that is the Bush presidency and I’m encouraged that they now seem to be as scared as I am by this president’s inability to listen to reason and his determination to listen only to the voices in his head.  If Bush does in fact decide to ignore the advice of his Joint Chiefs, commanders on the ground, former Secretary of State, Congress and 88% of the American people and send more troops into Iraq, will that finally be the last straw?  Please let it be, and let it also destroy the careers of all the politicians, public servants, pundits and “reporters” that refuse to take their fingers out of the holes in the damn.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've provided some great insight about Dubya's pathological desire to win in Iraq aided by the corporate media, LGND.

However, the holidays just wouldn't be complete without our President singing his Yuletide song.

The Twelve Days of Whoopsmas

Happy Holidays & Peace,

11:05 PM  
Anonymous david said...

I wouldn't bet on it. The Republican party is likely to die a slow and painful death.

Personally, I've never understood the American fear of one-party states. The truth is that the one-party still has internal factions of liberals & conservatives, left & right, yin & yang. There's no reason why the Democrats can't replace the Republicans entirely.

Gone are the Rockefeller Republicans; gone are the Goldwater Republicans; gone are the Lincoln Republicans; gone are the Eisenhower Republicans.

What's left? Pseudo-Christian Amway dealers. Hucksters versed is soft-sell, hard-sell, flag-waving, bible-thumping, crocodile-tear-shedding. The Republican Party of today has more in common with the freak shows of a hundred years ago; PT Barnum is the patron saint of GOP barkers.

Listening to the rightwing media pundits, I am pleased to see how much they fear Barack Obama. Goodness me! A brilliant lawyer, progressive Christian, with a black African father and a white Kansas mother, Sidney Poitier's good looks, an articulate author, a family man, and an all-round good guy. He's what Republicans have pretended to be for the past 25 years: the quintessential American.

3:53 PM  
Anonymous Betty Cracker said...

You're right -- the media turned on Bush swiftly and completely after the election. To them I say, welcome to the ranks of the disenchanted, and where were you several years ago when it might have done some good?

Still, it is amusing to watch them take their little hatchets to the Shrub. Even the neo-con nuts at the Weekly Standard and elsewhere are Bush critics these days, albeit for different reasons than the more sane among us.

Bush once famously declared he'd stick to his "victory" policy in Iraq even if only Laura the wife and Barney the dog were behind him. His fan base seems to be rapidly dwindling to those dimensions.

5:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Judging from the video I provided, Barney the dog and his wife are the only ones left supporting him, Betty. :)

Happy Holidays & Peace,

11:16 AM  

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