Friday, October 21, 2005

My Hardball Hangover

It feels like the calm before the storm. For the past several weeks there has been a continuous stream of tidbits coming out of the CIA leak investigation and by Wednesday, everything seemed to dry up. Ironically, that's when the mainstream media (MSM from now on) finally picked up on the story. I hadn't watched Hardball since the election, but I was tipped off on Wednesday that Chris Matthews was doing wall-to-wall coverage of the story so I tuned in. I felt a little dirty from the experience, but it was nice to see the scared faces on the screen. Even David Gergen isn't bothering to look on the bright side.

And poor Chris looks positively wrung out these days. When I last saw him, he reminded me of a jolly-faced schoolboy who's best friend had just been elected class president. There was so much optimism spilling out of him. He was positively glowing with the prospect of finally being in with the cool kids. I would feel sorry for him if I wasn't still filled with unmitigated rage over his coverage of the 2004 election (by February I had finally stopped sending him emails when I ran out of alternative names for his show. I knew when I hit Pin(head)ball, it was time to stop). It must suck to abandon everything you believe in and put your credibility on the line to shill for a frat boy who promises you the moon in return, only to be ditched by the side of the road as he speeds away from the store he just robbed (leaving you holding the bag of course). I hope testifying against him in court will give poor Chris the closure he needs. Although I did hear a rumor that Rove called Geraldo and said "Chris is fair game". Sorry honey, but I heard you trash Joe Wilson (again) tonight and what goes around, comes around and a simple dose of penicillin isn't going to get rid of what he gave you this time.


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