Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Tip Of The Iceberg

As we wait with bated breath for our dear superhero Patrick Fitzgerald to announce what charges he will bring against the Bush administration, there are signs that the CIA leak case may be just the beginning. It looks as if he will make some sort of announcement tomorrow about indictments that have already been filed but are under seal or indictments that will be filed in open court. The Washington Note claims that Fitzgerald has leased new office space in DC and rumors are flying that he may convene a new grand jury to look into the forged documents that bolstered the administrations case for a preemptive war in Iraq.

By all accounts, Friday is the day. I am still prepared for the possibility that nothing much will come of this, but I am also having a hard time ignoring the signs. In these, the last days of the investigation things are getting pretty hot for those who are about to be indicted. There are husbands and wives screaming and crying and begging their spouses not to go down for this administration. The prospect of jail and exorbitant legal bills will most likely prove daunting enough for many to give up what they know. I'm sure James Carville frog marched his wife Mary Matalin down to the prosecutor's office himself. With all of the new information Fitzgerald may be receiving in the last days of his investigation, it is not out of the realm of possibility that he could convene a new grand jury.

If on Friday, Fitzgerald announces indictments of Scooter Libby and Karl Rove (and possibly others) and at the same time, announces his intention to convene a new grand jury to look into other crimes uncovered during this investigation, I think it's game over for the Bush administration. George W. Bush can weather a few indictments of his staff, if he handles it the right way (by firing everyone involved and bringing in new people). But if this in any way starts to look like the tip of the iceberg, he's done. The MSM will turn on him at that point, because they won't need the scraps that the White House will be passing out when they have a parade of Fitzgerald witnessess to talk to instead. And Republicans in the House and Senate won't be able to get away from Bush fast enough and the word impeachement will finally be uttered. There may even be a stampede to be the first Republican to bring it up.


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