Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Free Press? More Like A Failed Press

Twelve miners found dead in a coal mine in West Virginia is a tragedy for 12 families and a whole town’s sorrow, but it has exposed a culture of laziness in reporting and the reliance on hearsay as substitution for fact.  Papers across the country where splashed with headlines that read “12 Miners Found Alive”.  Too bad it wasn’t true.

Reporting on the ground in New Orleans after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina was heralded as the press’s reawakening.  It seems we gave them too much credit too soon.  The mainstream media is so used to lying, posing opinion as fact and relying on biased pundits and spokespeople to give them the news that they have forgotten that facts must be checked and rumors must be confirmed.  By not doing their jobs properly, they have caused pain to the families and friends of the trapped miners and have disappointed, yet again, a public that relies on them to bring us the news.  But news is fact and opinion is nothing more than entertainment and their confusing of the two is unforgivable.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Misinformed mainstream reporting has left some of America's biggest network reporters in a "Rather" unfavorable position. In order to get the facts straight, the facts must be involved in the pool of information. A discrepancy such as "12 found alive" and "All 12 dead" should be setting up much weaker reporters for a much bigger fall. I heard CBS is hiring qualified liars! As invigorating as a network report on Bush's corruption is , it is inherently much more reliable being told by "The (liberal) Girl Next door". Free Press has failed, however Free Speech lives on and is doing well on the Internet!

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