Friday, February 03, 2006

Power To The Sheeple!

I kept meaning to put up a post about Tuesdays SOTU speech, but it was too boring and pitiful to “waste my beautiful mind” on, to quote Mama Bush.  So instead I will devote only a few moments to the only thing that was really new.

In every Bush State of the Union address there is that “What the fuck!” moment.  Last year it was steroids in major league baseball and this year, for me at least, it was Bush’s new war on animal-human hybrids.

Is this really a big problem that I’ve just been missing?  Are we going to have to sit through Congressional hearings on the topic, like last years spectacle of MLB players ratting each other out and denying all at the same time?  If so, I hope they bring in some psychiatrists and analysts that can explain the sheeple that came to the polls to support Bush not once, but twice.

If there are scientists working diligently on human-animal hybrids, I hope they make their first order of business giving these idiots a body to match their addled brains.  At least that way we can see them coming and throw down banana peels to slow their stampede to the polls and oil slicks to speed their progress over the cliff.  Now there’s a project worth throwing money at!


Anonymous Neil Shakespeare said...

That was just another ploy on Karl's part. Attack mode. He knows those "human-animal hybrids" are already out there, known to the world as 'Republicans'. So the first thing he does is try to obscure their existence by vowing to prohibit their birth and blaming it all on the scientists.

10:36 AM  
Anonymous RoryShock said...

Yes, that's a project definitely worth funding. Let the bushcheneyhybrids run into the sea lemming-like.

10:39 AM  
Anonymous diddymac said...

I think that ol' GW got his teleprompter lines mixed up. He was supposed to say that Amerikuh would reduce it's dependency on hybrid autos and increase the quotas of Saudi pet goat imports.

10:40 AM  

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