Saturday, March 04, 2006

If They’re Busy Screwing Each Other, Will They Stay Off Our Backs?

It appears that now the nuts are too nutty and the criminals too corrupt. The Republican Party is finally reaping what they’ve sown and it might just be time to sit back and watch the whole ugly structure come tumbling down. Grab some peanuts and a beer because they’re turning on each other folks, this could get good.

Friday brought news that Pat Robertson failed to retain his seat on the board of directors of the National Religious Broadcasters. It seems that even the religious faithful can get turned off when their iconic leaders get so involved in politics that they start advocating for the assassination of foreign heads of state. And we thought they weren’t reasonable.

Also on the docket was the unveiling of a new ad campaign targeting Senator Rick Santorum, and this one isn’t coming from NOW, the Democratic Party or MoveOn. The Republican Majority for Choice (RMC) has launched a campaign in Pennsylvania that includes full-page ads in most of the newspapers in the state. The ads feature a help wanted sign looking for Republican candidates but with the caveat of, "Candidates who claim to be Republicans but instead use the Party to further their own personal or religious agenda need not apply." Ouch, even the moderate Republicans are mean.

And everybody knows that when a Republican goes down, he rarely goes alone. Katherine Harris is finding this out the hard way as illegal contributions to her Senate campaign are revealed in court documents in the Duke Cunningham case. Poor Duke was sentenced to 8 years and 4 months in jail, but as he packs his bags for a long stay in the pokey, Ms. Harris’s problems may be just getting started. Of course Harris denies any knowledge that the contributions were illegally obtained and stands by her decision to request $10 million dollars that, if appropriated, would likely have gone onto the balance sheet of the defense contractor that contributed $32,000 to her campaign. Yes, the same defense contractor who faces 20 years in prison for bribing Duke Cunningham, but that doesn’t mean anything. I’m sure that the smoke billowing off of Ms. Harris is not an indication of fire. If it were, her face would be melting right? Oh wait, it looks like... I know, I know, that wasn’t very nice, I apologize Cruella.

Speaking of not going down alone, Michael “Brownie” Brown has been making the rounds on Capitol Hill and any television studio that will have him, defending himself and piling the blame onto Michael Chertoff, Secretary of Homeland Security. Brownie’s plan seems to be working with news surfacing of Chertoff’s imminent dismissal. I’m sure if he does get the old heave ho, it will be his choice. To spend more time with his family no doubt. Republicans may suck at governing, but they sure are good family folk. Well, when they’re not disowning their gay children, divorcing their wives and moving in with their mistresses and generally ignoring their families while they loot the country until they get caught with their hand in the cookie jar and are forced to go back home (or to prison). Whatever, I’m sure it’s genuine and not a convenient excuse, each and every time they use it.


Anonymous Maine Jeff said...

What you should know about me before you read my Pat Robertson comments:

1. I am an unabashed athiest.
2. I was raised in the church.
3. I don't believe either one matters.
4. I don't think Pat's beliefs matter.

What does this event show us? That there are reasonable people on both sides of the aisle. You see, I believe that theological doctrine has no place in politics. The Christian Coalition believes otherwise. They are so afraid of me (and those like me), and I am so afraid of them that neither of us dares to make even reasonable concessions anymore for fear of loosing ground. None of us trusts our fellow person anymore. It makes me sad for my children.

Of course, Pat is a fundamentalist. Of the same ilk as Bin Laden. "Here's to us and those like us, and death to all others. And they say we athiests have no basis for morality. Can't we feel a little pity for the closed-minded? How sad it must be to lack intimacy with humanity. To live a life of hatred. Oh, it makes ache for them.

So, thank you to the reasonable Cristians. The loving Christians. I still wan you to stop trying torun my country, but I appreciate your efforts to remove a demagogue from the national stage. Much love.


10:23 AM  
Anonymous Roberta Kelly said...

A new blog I discovered from listening to Air America Radio has posted: ". . The sanity assassin stays up all night stalking.The sanity assassin Picks off victims like flies. The sanity assassin Let his fingers do the walking. The sanity assassin The crack shot between your eyes. He's got you in his sights
- Bauhaus
These religious fanatics are my sanity assassins. They are literally driving me insane, and they've got ALL of us in their sights."

comearmageddon blogspot dot com

The rant is hysterically out of control and I can bet this blogger is on the radar!

Pat Robertson ~ Donald created a drawing of this old coot and he titled it ~ "Pat Spells God."

I do believe God Robertson would approve.

I agree with you LGND, we should all kick back and enjoy ourselves while we watch the cosmic-comic-tragedy unfold, because it is.

Thank you for your tireless discovery of the saga as behaves like a bug in a skillet, and then your writing of incredible clarity for us to see clearly, the punch line.

4:16 PM  

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