Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Check Out Confab

The producers of the Drinking Liberally podcast (found at Podcasting Liberally), Gavin Shearer and Richard Huff, were nice enough to invite me to participate in their podcast, Confab.  It’s not all politics, just good conversation with some smart, funny people.  We did get stuck on the immigration debate for a while, it was interesting to hear so many differing views from people who all come at it from a different angles, but who all recognize that it is a real problem that desperately needs solving.

So check it out.  On the couch this week:  Brian Gaither, Richard Huff, Sara Lingafelter, Will Kelley-Kamp, Gavin Shearer, Keith Vaitkus and me.

Topics include:  Forrester’s report on podcasting (I know, podcasting about podcasting is like blogging about blogging, but sometimes it can’t be helped), the Confab birth story, immigration, healthcare, to re-build or not re-build the Viaduct.  Also, Sara shares her knowledge of employment law and Will reveals his obsession with “The Two Percent Solution.”  You can listen to the show here. (38 MB MP3, 56:21 minutes).  Enjoy.


Anonymous geocrackr said...

Ha! That was pretty fun. I thought of several things I wanted to mention while listening, but of course now the only thing I can remember is the part at the end about the lawyer jokes, about which I'll say this: a good friend of mine just finished law school (Yale no less, la-de-da), and we were talking about it at one point when she commented about how strange it is to be identified with a profession that is so universally reviled that "dead lawyer" jokes are their own sub-genre. She was actually recognizing and feeling the soft-bigotry that she, as a liberal pretty white girl, had only previously seen directed at "the other".

1:23 PM  
Blogger thehim said...

I'm listening to it now. Good stuff!

2:23 PM  

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