Monday, April 24, 2006

George Bush: From Savior To Antichrist

Yes, I believe that Bush is the worst President in history for all of the reasons Sean Wilentz points out in his article “The Worst President Ever?” but Bush’s stance on global warming, his failure to do anything at all to change our course and his ruthlessness in stifling research and suppressing scientific findings on the subject could very well be the biggest.

There is a sense among us rational folks that Bush’s Fundamentalist Christian base are enthralled by him and believe him to be the one who will usher in the End of Days and have therefore supported his ignorance and rejection of all things scientific, especially climate change, because the sooner the Earth dies, the sooner they get to be hoovered up to spend eternity at their Lord’s feet.  But some of them are beginning to question the sanity of such of move, and that perhaps Bush isn’t God’s messenger on Earth after all.  As I’ve pointed out before (here), if Fundamentalists follow their own crazy logic, they should easily come to the conclusion that Bush is, in fact, the Antichrist, but I guess even following their own internal logic is a challenge.

About a month ago I wrote about a group of Evangelicals breaking with the President on climate change.  It seems that some Evangelicals have started reading their Bibles and have been reminded that we are supposed to be caretakers of the Earth and God may not look so kindly on those that did nothing to protect it.  Personally, I think that’s a silly reason to care about global warming, but as long as it works, I have no complaints.  Now, in addition to Evangelicals, the business community is growing concerned about Bush’s ostrich approach to science.  I guess they’re beginning to realize that a massive die off of coastal peoples will likely have a negative impact on their profit margin.  Clearly things are bad when GE starts asking the Senate for carbon regulations!

Al Gore’s movie, “An Inconvenient Truth” will be released next month, and he may have found the perfect time for the message he’s been trying to convey for decades.  It’s possible that this movie will catch fire, not just with environmentalists, but also with mainstream Americans who are waking up to the reality that we have reached a critical time and that protecting the Earth is directly tied to securing a future for our children.  I haven’t seen the movie yet, but the trailer (here to view for yourself) was enough to ruin my day.  I hope the movie does well because it will give Americans a chance to see a glimpse of an alternate history.  As far as I know, the movie isn’t about what a great President Al Gore would have been, but the thought will still likely run through the minds of those who watch it.  How could we have allowed Bush, an incompetent man with regressive ideas, to run our country at a time when courage, ingenuity and forward thinking were so critical?

The word impeachment evokes strong feelings and memories for many Americans.  The impeachment of Bill Clinton was seen by Democratic and Republican voters alike as being “politically motivated” and the whole Watergate mess is something Americans would much rather forget, so it’s not surprising that the country is divided over whether or not Bush should be impeached.  I’ve often wondered what the numbers would look like if the question were posed to voters in another way.  “Would you rather not have Bush as President if he could be removed from office by magic?”  I bet there’d be near total support for that!  To have this Presidency simply erased would be a dream come true for the Left, and something the Right would probably welcome (well, except the top 1% that have seen their fortunes grow exponentially over the last five years).  That way, they wouldn’t have to have any ownership in what they have unleashed on the rest of us, a solution that fits in perfectly with their whole philosophy of abdicating responsibility and handing it over to dictators and God.

Unfortunately, magic won’t get us out of this mess and hopefully slight of hand, otherwise known as electronic voting, won’t keep us on the road toward making it worse.  I am an optimist by nature, but living under the thumb of the Bush regime has all but beaten the sunshine out of me.  I’m still holding on to that last little bit though, trying desperately to find at least one small thing each day that provides some small scrap of hope that things are turning.  Today, it’s that profit-seeking companies may have found that their future depends on ours, and that those who believe in God may decide to protect “His” creation.  It’s not much, but that’s how it goes in Bush’s America.


Anonymous Betty Cracker said...

I wouldn’t be surprised if a future history of this time period began like this:

“A president as monumentally incompetent as George W. Bush would have damaged US interests had he assumed office at any point in history. But it was particularly unlucky for America — indeed, for the entire world — that he rose to power in 2000.”

When, as you put it, courage, ingenuity and forward-thinking were most needed, we have instead bombast, obtuseness and myopia. You’re right to look for reasons to be optimistic, but some days, it’s hard!

1:50 PM  
Anonymous geocrackr said...

I'm with you, Betty.

You know, when that second plane hit the WTC the very first thought in my head was "Ohhhh, this can only end badly..." Not only was I right, but ShrubCo and their enablers managed to exceed my grimmest expectations.

2:15 PM  
Anonymous Geocheese1 said...

Great post, LGND, and keep it up. Yes, He's monumentally incompetent, a liar, a war criminal and murderer. He's all that and so much more. But, the worm is turning and the country has caught on and the end is near. Impeachment is way too good...try them ALL for treason and war crimes and execute them, George Bush's Texas style, on television for all to see. The ENTIRE bunch..Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Condi, Wolfie, Karl (Big Piggie), Scottie (Little Piggie) on fucking television for all good children to see and learn. How patriotic can you get????

3:04 PM  
Anonymous Dale Hippert said...


I'm only a little less
blood thirsty than Check with me again tomorrow!

I want to see orange jump suits, perp walks and 'renderings' to those now not so secret camps in Europe or to Gitmo.

Big Piggie and Little Piggie would both look real good on rotating spits.

And wingnutistanians can cry wee, wee, wee all the way home!

5:09 PM  
Anonymous Sensum Fidelium said...

George W. Bush is the "Man of Sin" [II Thess. II: 3], the "Beast" [Apocalypse XI: 7] and the very Antichrist [I John II: 18].


5:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Caveat Emperor

Does anyone really doubt that the Antichrist would emerge as the leader of the most powerful nation on earth? Contrary to the fanciful Hollywood depictions of such a figure, one that is a willing participant and conscious of his own evil, the more logical candidate is the unconscious numbskull (and bones) that currently squats in our beloved White House. The fact that this occupant is a venal, ignorant, hateful, totally incompetent bigot are only the ideal qualifications for complete spirit possession by the head of an immense dark hidden kingdom of earthly discarnate beings. In such a capacity this head represents all the evil that has accumulated over the centuries since the appearance of Christ 2000 years ago. This head served apprenticeship under Napoleon, was a journeyman under Hitler, and is now master under Bush. The first two appearances were merely harbingers of what was to come, each time multiplying the power of the former by a factor of a million or more. Now we are faced with the ultimate doomsday individual in control of the most massive arsenal every assembled. This arsenal exceeds that of the great wars by many orders of magnitude, just as the Messerschmitt and V2 outdid the musket and cannonball. Once the USA became the predominant world power it automatically became the target of a full assault by these unseen empires. Such an attack manifesting through the man that wields the most political worldly power, the president of the United States.

Such a man cannot attain to be the first resident by his power alone, we as a nation are all complicit by our cavalier attitude to the election process. Each election places before us choices, some clearer than others, but always a way to select at least the lesser of two evils. Even God faces such choices as well with all the activities of humanity at every turn, as no men are perfect. When a ridiculous dictator entertains thought of world conquest, God responds by raising up his enemies. No doubt such enemies are a second choice for God. We see this clearly in Iraq at present. We only need to heed the story of David and Goliath to understand this process.

This man was ushered into the top slot in every kind of hardened conveyance imaginable, from bulletproof limos to armored helicopters and jumbojets. The death of JFK insured he would be protected while serving, RFK made sure he would be safe campaigning. Now the most dangerous man in the world is protected and shielded not only physically, but also by layers of information filters courtesy of his handlers and cronies. He can therefore operate from within a cocoon of ignorance and isolation, exactly what his spiritual handlers prefer. To think that we can change the mind of such an individual is naïve, because we don’t even have access to the puppet, let alone the puppeteer.

Our role, as thinking beings, is to discern these truths, and let it be known that the game is exposed, and that we choose not to go unheard. God knows, we may be unable to change it, but our voices and actions must speak our refusal to co-author such travesties as we now witness. As these blogs have shown, there are masters among us that give us hope, just as the contributions of the occasional rat opens our eyes to the depravity that exists.

Yes, Bush does hear voices telling him which path to follow, but unless the Creator is on an extended drunken binge, I doubt it is anything but a false god speaking. If one is to claim the voice, it would be wise to do it after a humble and benign mission that left no mangled bodies and destroyed civilizations behind it. Even if it were true, it would also be a lot more convincing if such a claim were delivered without the smug and hideous grin that belies a Satanic bent. Such defective and revealing body language is an open book to those that are spiritually literate. Swagger is a most inappropriate prance for any head of state, and an embarrassment to the good and wholesome citizens represented. When we see such posturing and self congratulatory behavior amidst massive failures of policy judgment and execution of duty, we can be sure that some sinister entity really holds the reins.

Now that Bush has been in office for some years now, it is clear what type of individual he is, and it is possible for all to become well acquainted with the direction of his leadership. Every eye shall see, and every ear shall hear. How we digest what we see and hear determines whether we shall be wheat or chaff. Fortunately we have been given some warning by the good graces of God. There is still opportunity for every (wo)man to aside with the best urgings of their soul, but time is now in short supply. Woe to him that squanders this diminishing resource and wraps himself in earthly indulgences. The approaching dichotomy is inevitable and almost upon us. It would be wise to set one’s house in order and solidify our allegiances. The dark ones know they are discovered and will accelerate the pace, approaching desperation. Such desperation foments internal division and infighting, producing ever increasing irrationality and unpredictability. Even the Gods will need to summon all their skills to avert a complete and dangerous collapse. How much time there is left is not the question, as there is now an element of unpredictability and desperation that even the Gods cannot predict with absolute certainty. The dark ones are poised for revolt and disintegration, and the outcome of such is as great a mystery to those on high as it is to those on earth. It is wise to set in order one’s earthly business, lest one be caught unawares.

Clearly we are fast approaching the disintegration of the Bush empire and it’s dark counterpart, and it would indeed behoove each and every one of us that values their sanity to be on the alert, as when such an implosion occurs there will be enough bitterness among the deceived to be literally dangerous. Such bitterness should not be reflected on those that are victims as much as we are in the USA. I speak of Iraqis as well as Iranians that have been drawn into this conflict as reluctantly as we ourselves were. It would be wonderful if this could all be swiftly resolved and the healing allowed to begin, but helas it will probably intensify before it subsides, and we must be prepared for any contingency. Unfortunately this little misadventure has stirred up a hornets nest, and much pent up anger will inevitably spew forth. This anger originates not only from those that have been harmed physically, but also from the millions of unseen that have been betrayed in the unseen domains. It is fair to say that there may be ‘gnashing of teeth’ to put a biblical spin on it, during which many unpredictable episodes may present themselves. It would go without saying that certain known belligerent or unspiritual persons might not respond well to attempts at conversion or return to reason at this particular junction of events. There will come a time when the slightest inflammatory remark will result in a violent and uncontainable reaction that may have dangerous consequences. Clearly, preaching and attempts at conversion or salvation may reap the wind when the judgment is impaired and reason falls by the wayside. The time has passed when such confrontation can have any positive outcome since the world has arrived at such a dichotomous state that for the present reconciliation is impractical and even dangerous.

7:05 PM  

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