Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Podcasting Liberally With No Special Guest

Here’s the latest installment of the Drinking Liberally Podcast, the show is 54:46, and is available as a 34.6 MB MP3. You can go to for complete archives and RSS feeds and find your own local meeting place at

At the table this week were Will, Gavin, Carl, first timer Jeremy, a writer and editor for Seattlest, little ol’ me, and hosted, of course, by David Goldstein of the infamous Horse’s Ass (as opposed to AN infamous Horse’s Ass, which he’s not (at least not in my experience (so far))). As I mentioned, there was no special guest, but Goldy assured us that “we’re all kinda special in our own way.” Thanks Goldy, I think.

On the table for discussion, Big Dick’s trip to Washington State, Ron Sims’ wonderful plan to expand bus service but why trains are better, the proposed new stadium for the Sonics and Goldy’s ingenious idea for how to fund it, the retired Generals’ outpouring of non-support for Rummy and, of course, the ineptness of the Bush administration in general. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Confab creators, Gavin and Richard, for producing the show because without them, we’d just be liberals drinking in a bar instead of liberals drinking in a bar with headsets on.


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