Thursday, May 25, 2006

Podcasting Liberally: Yeah, It’s Mostly About The Schools

This was a fun podcast for me, I was hyped up after attending one of the Town Meetings with the CAC and watching Goldy scream at Will made me feel so much better. Being personally affected by the school closure recommendations, Goldy and I kind of dominated the discussion. Poor Roger Goodman, candidate for the 45th Legislative District, could hardly get a word in edgewise. After Will was beaten down for even hinting that school vouchers might be a good idea, Roger, Sandeep Kaushik and N in Seattle joined in the discussion about Ron Simms’ new healthcare plan, Russ Feingold (always one of my favorite topics) and a few other things I think. I really only remember Goldy yelling at Will, it looked like fun. I’ll have to try it sometime.

The show is available here as a 41.1 MB MP3 and you can go to for archived shows and RSS feeds.


Blogger Will said...

Here, I scream back (well, sorta)

11:48 PM  
Anonymous geocrackr said...

Hey LG:

Isn't this the same Will who called you "retarded" last week for worrying about a little thing like election fraud? It seems to me he needs to be screamed at a lot.

10:35 AM  
Blogger The (liberal)Girl Next Door said...

Will--I'll go check it out now.

GeoCrackr--Yes, that would be the same Will! I forgot about that, I guess I'll have to make sure my screaming voice is ready for the next podcast.

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Dale Hippert said...


You COULD ready your 'screaming voice' for the next podcast or, you could bring and apply your centered, calm and serene mind to the fray!

A nice, blood pressure lowering discussion, between yourself and Anonymous, on a subject that absent the
protection the Establishment and Free Exercise clauses in our First Amendment provides, could
result in severe beatings and deaths, as occur in many other parts of the world!

That's the crux of the dispute, in my opinion. If religious belief resulted solely
in a live and let live, do unto others as you would have done to you ethos, then
we would not have any conflict based upon religious differences.

Unfortunately, too often religious dogma imposes the worst judgmental
and condemnatory thoughts and actions in those least equipped,
either by temperament untamed by the best religious precepts or intellect
unschooled in the necessity of the 'live and let live clauses'.

The blood pressure argument reminded me of a book
authored by Dr. Herbert Benson: "The Relaxation Response".
"Pay attention to your breathing, and repeat a word or phrase or prayer
silently to yourself as you exhale."

" Discovered by Dr. Benson and his colleagues in the laboratories of
Harvard Medical School and its teaching hospitals, this revitalizing, therapeutic
approach is now routinely recommended to treat patients suffering from
heart conditions, high blood pressure, chronic pain, insomnia, and many other physical ailments."

Easy enough to extrapolate a blood pressure lowering effect to the mindlessness induced by
fingering the beads of a rosary or the recitation of a Buddhist mantra.

As to the distribution of blood pressure problems in the USA, there is
at least anecdotal support for the notion that the highest bp's are to
be found in the fundamentalists, concentrated as they are in our 'Red States'!
(Vote for a 'Marriage Amendment and prayer in schools, but pay
no mind to National health care that might help to medically tame
the bp raised by the obsessions with meddlesome legislation.)

With the Blue States in hand we will have firm control of 80% of the country's fresh water, more than 90% of the pineapple and lettuce, 92% of the nation's fresh fruit, 95% of America's quality wines (you can serve French wines at state dinners) 90% of all cheese, 90 percent of the high tech industry, most of the US low sulfur coal, all living redwoods, sequoias and condors, all the Ivy and Seven

Sister schools plus Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Cal Tech and MIT.

With the Red States you will have to cope with 88% of all obese Americans and their projected health care costs, 92% of all US mosquitoes, nearly 100% of the tornadoes, 90% of the hurricanes, 99% of all Southern Baptists, virtually 100% of all televangelists, Rush

Limbaugh, Bob Jones University, Clemson and the University of Georgia.

We get Hollywood and Yosemite, thank you.

38% of those in the Red states believe Jonah was actually swallowed by a whale, 62% believe life is sacred unless we're discussing the death penalty or gun laws, 44% say that evolution is only a theory, 53% that Saddam was involved in 9/11 and 61% of you crazy bastards believe you are people with higher morals then we lefties.

We're taking the good pot too. You can have that dirt weed they grow in Mexico.

Author Unknown in New California.

9:17 AM  

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