Monday, August 21, 2006

A Little Beauty Really Can Restore Optimism

I’m back in California for the week and I’m sitting on the deck looking out over this beautiful lake and the rolling hills in the distance and I’ve realized that I often blog from a place of outrage. I read the news in the morning, get mad by what I read and head straight to my laptop to vent. Today, in this warm weather, with the sun reflecting off of the water, I can’t seem to muster up any anger. I guess we should all take more time away from our busy lives, it really does allow for a new perspective.

I’ve come to realize that I simply do not believe that terrorism is a major threat to this country. Putting it into its proper perspective, we should be spending much more time worrying about driving around in our cars, than hijacked airplanes and suicide bombers. My bleak outlook for this country stems not from instability in the world, radical religious nutjobs (of any stripe) or from the hyped clash of civilizations, but from the Bush administration itself. The greatest threat to this country and the world is the regime we have right here in our White House. It’s not a coincidence that the world has started falling apart since these thugs took over. The instability that we feel now is by design and it benefits those it was meant to benefit. If you have any doubt, just look at who has prospered while the rest of us stew in fear and watch our resources dwindle.

My first reaction to the recent foiled terrorist attacks in London was disbelief, much the way I felt about the men arrested in Florida last month that were supposedly an immediate threat to Chicago’s skyline. We have seen the Bush administration, over and over, use terrorism as a tool of fear, so like the little boy who cried wolf, it’s just so hard to believe anything they say. They don’t spend much time trying to thwart terrorism, but they will use any opportunity to remind people that we should be afraid and that we should be relieved to have their strong arms protecting us.

Even if stamping out terrorism was a high level priority for the Bush administration, I have a feeling that we would then be in some serious danger. Incompetent doesn’t even begin to adequately describe the disastrous leadership they provide. They could start a fire making cereal in the morning. If they were actively trying to root out terrorism, then surely we’d have shit blowing up in this country every day. The real dangers we face aren’t suicide bombers and hijacked airplanes, they’re the more subtle attacks of economic terrorism and the plague of social conservatism, and that is by design.

Bush claimed today that the Iraq war is straining the American psyche. How absurd. I can see how it would be damaging to his psyche considering that he has no idea how to turn his disastrous war of choice into a political win. For a man that came into office intending to prove he is better than his father, Bush will walk out of office as the worst President in the history of this country, quite a feat really considering some of the losers we've had in the past (his father included). If the American psyche has been strained, it has not been the result of the Iraq war, but rather the realization that we allowed this ideological idiot to lead us there.

The fear that this administration has used as a means of holding onto power, is starting to wear thin and more and more Americans, conservatives included, are beginning to realize that the only thing we have to fear, is Bush himself. The good news is, the remedy really is as simple as it seems. Kick the bums out of the People’s House and the White House, and we can start moving back toward normal.


Anonymous Tony C. said...

If you happen to be in Southern California, you might get this native Washingtonian to buy you a drink. (Even with a margarita in you, you'll raise the political IQ of this county significantly.)

If you're up to collecting your free drink, you can get in touch with me through Gavin of Confab "fame." (He can even prove I'm not some loony, right wing or otherwise!)

2:29 PM  
Anonymous Tony C. said...

Oh. And there's some room for optimism here. (1) Nearly everyone, including his supporters, agrees that Bush has bollocksed the war; (2) The Administration is circling the drain, and should be flushed completely away by 2008; and (3) the courts, including the "conservative" Supreme Court is recognizing that the Prez doesn't have the monarchical powers he claims he does.

I don't want to be a tease, but if the most recent anti-spying case outcome is upheld, it will appear that Bush is guilty of multiple felonies, all of which acts are forbidden by our constitution. If the Dems can come through in November, Christmas may come early for people who still value their liberty.

2:38 PM  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

whelp...the only thing straining my psyche is Bush and his messes...period.

( and as Tony C nicely points out we have a Felonious Monarch that needs to be dealt with...Hope?)

4:56 PM  
Blogger Silent Spring said...

LG -- I enjoy reading your blogs because I learn so much about our government from you. Really. And I laugh aloud much of the time. Thank you so much. I do think that there are very, very angry bloggers out there, and that some bloggers do vent their frustrations. I've tried in vain to find more hopeful and peaceful bloggers, haven't been too successful yet. Everyone does jump on the negativity bandwagon and that fuel adds flame to the fire.

Yes, it's good to step outside our comfort zone and take a look at the microcosm's we sometimes create in our head, but I wouldn't be too hard on yourself. Your blog is one of the very few I read daily.

Have you read Goldberg's recent piece at DailyKos by the way? Really good. Lot's of hope for WA State farmers with this guy.

6:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Ace of Spades pegs you...

"For the left, the planes crashed into their entire worldview, collapsing it as surely as the Twin Towers were collapsed.

And since then, they've made a determined and relentless effort to substitute in their own preferred narrative, in which the WTC was destroyed in a controlled demolition by the CIA, the Pentagon was simply blown up with an American missile or planted American bombs, and the first soldiers in the Greater War on Terror shouldn't even have bothered, because the Sidewinder missiles were on their way no matter what they did.

What links all these conspiracy theories? The unshakable belief that there is no enemy except the US Government (except, perhaps, for the Mossad), and that heroism, patriotism, and a physical defense of one's country and one's very own life is a doomed venture hardly worth the candle.

Admitting there is an external, implacable, and deadly threat to us strongly implies we need to fight it.

But they've decided a priori that fighting is never the correct response.

Ergo, somewhere the syllogism must be flawed. They focus their attention on the premise-- that there is in fact a deadly external threat. That must be demonstrated as incorrect if their preferred conclusion -- pacifism at any price -- is to remain viable.

In their own minds they've rebuilt the Towers so they were never destroyed that day, but they now stand on a foundation of magical thinking and a childish retreat into dreamworlds and fantasies.

For some, the choice between adapting one's worldview to the real world or adapting the real world to one's worldview is a fairly easy call."

5:15 AM  

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