Thursday, August 24, 2006

On The Road Again

Guest Post by Man of American Dissent

While LGND is on the road for one more day (eager to return civilization and its' wi-fi hotspots, fabulous coffee etc.), I think it's worth noting that we're seeing an inversion in fuel prices here in the Pacific Northwest. One gallon of biodiesel (produced from Washington State grown soybeans) is going for $3.11 while an equivalent measure of petro diesel is commanding up to $3.65 in "this part of the world". It's very encouraging to see a hippiefreak/alternative/boutique/clean/renewable/domestic/no war required energy source in an economically competitive (if not downright advantageous) position. Hopefully this is not just a temporary condition. The more we can encourage and implement alternative energy usage the more cost effective and sustainable the technologies and businesses around it will be.


Anonymous Dave Gibney said...

Sorry to object, but I don't think there are Washington grown soybeans. Our climate isn't conducive

11:59 PM  
Anonymous jonathan said...

Biodiesel can be made from the oil of a variety of plants. Canola, mustard, and rapeseed oil can all be used and I believe they are all grown in Washington State.

5:09 AM  

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