Thursday, September 14, 2006

If He Could He Would

Does anyone doubt that Karl Rove would do ANYTHING to win an election? Whisper campaigns about Ann Richards being a lesbian, push polls suggesting that John McCain fathered an illegitimate child, lying to the FBI about his office being bugged by the opposition and voter suppression drives are all hallmarks of a Rove run campaign. What in his moral character would suggest that we WOULDN’T tamper with election results if he could? Yeah, I can’t think of anything either, especially if he could get away with it without leaving a trace or having to involve many operatives in order to pull it off.

A new study released today by The Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton University, demonstrates just how easy it is to flip an election without leaving a trace. Like I’ve said many times before, that it could be done is just as important as whether or not it has been already. Without full confidence that our elections are free and fair, we don’t have a democracy. As long as Democrats in Congress refuse to engage on this issue, they remain a bigger part of the problem than those who would exploit vulnerabilities in the system. Karl Rove being a snake is expected, but Democrats are to blame for continuing to provide him the opportunity. I want to know that our elections are secure so I don’t have to rely on faith that Rove and his kind will play by the rules. That would require a level of self-delusion that I’m simply not capable of.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're right on the mark, LGND. We should all be outraged because Bush & Company have imperiled our liberty.

No need to despair though. I share your anxiety too.

However,don't allow yourself to fall into the trap Bush, Cheney, Rove and Rumsfeld have laid for Americans which is to keep the public debate focused on war issues regardless of whether you're for or against it.

They've set the agenda for the run up to November and hope everyone will take their bait so Republicans won't have to discuss REAL solutions to America's problems.

Why play their game ?

Instead, you can discuss the concerns of many women I've presented about equality rather than terrorism. This is a major issue which we should be pressuring Congress to face up to.

Read my latest Column: What Do Women Want?

As a nation, we won't be able to overcome our imperial government unless enough people become angry enough to speak out about the things effecting their daily lives.

Women's equality is one of those things which touches everyone because it addresses a core principle our country was founded on: CIVIL LIBERTY FOR ALL.

Let the debate begin and let's try to motivate people to vote in November based on this rather than letting Republicans refocus the conversation about a phony war based on lies.


4:28 PM  
Anonymous david said...

I don't know much about US elections, but in Canada we use paper ballots. We also have a permanent list of registered voters. If one isn't listed, one can still vote on election day by making a statuatory declaration with appropriate ID.

It would seem to me that, if there are many Americans who are skeptical of the election process, they should resist in little ways. If there are paper ballots available for voters to write-in candidates or for the blind, everyone should make use of this.

I'm always amazed that America polling stations can run out of ballots or can close the doors on voters when there is a long line up. I mean, this is the USA, not Zimbabwe.

Citizens were not passive at the birth of American democracy. It was not unusual for citizens to march on the assembly hall and surround it and demand to be heard. Now, citizens are treated as poorly as shareholders in a publicly traded corporation.

One thing has to be respected though. Declining voter turnout is a sign of public contempt for government. Attempts to make voting easier by offering "online voting" or "mail-in ballots" only increases the chance of fraud. Non-voters should be urged to protest, chanting "Hear our contempt and represent us!"

Electoral reform is desperately needed. If not proportional representation, then the transferable vote. That's where one is allowed a second or third choice. It's sad that the first modern democracy is now considered backward and unrepresentative of its people.

5:01 PM  
Blogger phil_in_ny said...

Oh I know, he's such a creep. One has to wonder if the man is a closet homosexual the way he carries on. I say this because all of the stats add up. He hates anything gay, he hides behind his barbaric religeous baliefs and he's single. Hmmmmmm.

7:37 PM  
Anonymous david said...

I read Colorado Dems are being urged to use paper absentee ballots to protest and frustrate corruptible Diebold voting machines.

Better an election delayed than an election stolen. And if elections are being stolen, it's time one demanded transparency before some hacker elects a fringe candidate to prove a point.

9:07 AM  
Blogger Godlessfriend said...

Cosmic messenger-
I do understand your concern about the issue of gender equality. I have my own(liberal male oriented) opinions about this particular aspect of our society and hope to see continued progress in the advancement of equal rights to all. I do not think replacing the current single issue debate(terrorism) with another single issue debate is the answer. There are numerous special interests groups out there that would argue that their issue is more important than yours. This only further compounds the problem of uniting the democratic party. My personal special interest is getting the thieves and fanatics out of our government. Thanks for the post.

11:54 PM  

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