Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I’m Not Above Begging For A Good (And Winnable) Cause

Now that we are in the home stretch of this campaign to take back Congress from the corrupt Republicans and restore at least a little oversight over this reckless administration, it is critical that we do everything we can.

I am a lowly blogger and my budget is pretty tight, but I have just contributed $50 to the Peter Goldmark campaign and another $50 to Darcy Burner.  This is not the first contribution I’ve made to the campaigns, but it will likely be my last chance and I beg of you to take the opportunity as well.  Please, please, please, put my $100 to shame and help both these great candidates fight off the onslaught of money now pouring in from the GOP.  These were once considered safe seats for the Republicans, but now that GOP candidates have been tanking in the polls all across the country, they are making their stand in places like Washington’s 5th and 8th districts.

Give until it hurts, at this point, every penny and every second counts.  

Also consider volunteering for a campaign near you, whether it’s an issue, a candidate or any get out the vote effort!  The Republican base appears to be disillusioned, uninspired and perhaps even unmotivated to vote, so let’s get our side out and start the long process of rebuilding our country.


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