Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Preparing For The Stolen Mid-Term Elections

Earnest Partridge (of The Crisis Papers and The Online Gadfly) has today explained beautifully why it is so important for those of us that doubt the integrity of our elections, to vote on Election Day:

Given the likelihood of another rigged election, does this mean that those of us who desire a Democratic victory - apparently a sizeable majority of likely voters - should simply give up, accept the inevitable, and stay at home?

By no means. We should redouble our efforts. For even if the GOP retains control of Congress through still more of the same electronic vote fraud combined with their familiar vote-suppression schemes, this could be the election that finally exposes and puts an end to the paperless, non-verifiable e-vote scam. If the election precincts are flooded with crowds of angry citizens demanding the ouster of the Republican majority in Congress, the GOP just might be made to pay an exorbitant price for one more rigged election.

I have gone back and forth on this many times, wondering if participating in what I am convinced are unsound elections, that can be (and have been) manipulated by GOP operatives, is if fact lending legitimacy to illegitimate elections. I have seen no indication that my vote, here in Seattle, has been nullified through manipulation of votes on privately owned machines, but when the political calculations are made and even one race in Ohio can be altered in order to maintain a national hold on power, does my vote really matter anyway? The answer of course is no, but that means that the only option is to expose the vulnerabilities in our voting systems AND to help bring light to the crime of vote rigging that has already taken place and that will likely occur again. That means showing up at the polls, casting a vote and watching carefully, not only my own local results, but those around the country as well. But most importantly, it means being willing to question official results that smell fishy and loudly demanding verification and accountability from election officials that are supposed to work for us, the American people.

This is no time to sit on the sidelines, regardless of how corrupt the system may be. Without the vote, we no longer have a democratic republic. Half of us in this country already understand that we have passed that point, but in order to get the other half to join us, we need traditional media to cover the story. That will only happen if they are shamed into doing so, by election results that defy logic coupled with ordinary people demanding an explanation. We have had the former before (several times), we must be willing to provide the latter if we ever hope to get our country back.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whenever one hears liberals complaining about someone doing wrong, one can rest assured that what they really mean is that liberals are doing the same thing or worse. Just don’t look in their direction. The last Gubernatorial election in Washington State was a complete fiasco. Election results showed the race for Governor nearly tied with the Republican candidate the winner. The Dem candidate demanded a recount, and low and behold, mystery boxes of “misplaced” ballots turned up everywhere in King County. The first recount still showed the Republican the winner. So, this time a hand recount was performed, and more “misplaced” ballots turned up. Thousands of dead people, felons, mentally ill, illegal aliens, and street bums (Democrats main constituency) had cast ballots. Then it came to light that the Democratically controlled voting apparatus had conveniently delayed sending out military absentee ballots, presumably so the ballots could not possibly be returned in time to be counted in the election. At one point, King County election workers admitted to illegally handling ballots. Secretary of State and Chair Warmer Extraordinaire Sam Reed said he had no idea who really won the election, but refused to do anything about it. Then we had to listen to all the election reform bullshit from King County Executive Ron Simms. He proposed spending 11 million on a new election center. One could imagine that there would be no windows in this building. Has anything changed in King County? One prominent conservative Seattle minister recently found out that, after years and years of steady voting, he and his wife had been mysteriously expunged from the voter rolls. That, and the fact that my wife and I received four ballots for the last election seem to indicate no.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

AnonymousII said...

Let me predict the reaction here (and at most other unhinged liberals websites) to the reality of your comment: they stick their fingers in their ears and loudly say "La la la la la la I can't hear you la la la la!"

It would appear that when a liberal has to look in the mirror and accept reality this results in an enormous rip in the space/time continuum.

How else do you explain their bizarre attempts to self-comfort on the eve of an upcoming election by convincing themselves, before-the-fact, that they cannot lose, they can only have the election stolen from them?

It would suck to be them, I think.

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Blogger W.D. Russell said...

Blackwell with an orange jump suit. He was the one in 04 responsible for closing down polling stations in poor and working class areas. Forcing these people to stand in line for hours to vote.

9:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im really happy to see that the American people have given Bush the big thumbs down.

It has been a long while in the waiting. I don't hold much hope on the Democrats however they cannot do any worse a job than Bush is currently doing.

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