Friday, October 13, 2006

There’s Not Enough Money In The World To Save The GOP Now

I don’t usually pay a lot of attention to electoral math or the strategic use of political money in Congressional races, but now that the Republicans are on the ropes, it is interesting to watch them spread their money around in a desperate attempt to hold onto their majority in both the House and the Senate. Even the GOP’s deep pockets aren’t enough to tackle all of the races they now find themselves defending.

The Washington Post gives a rundown of how and where each side is spending money and how they are spinning their decisions to do so. The best news in the article is that the GOP seems to recognize that they can’t retain all of their seats and are now being forced to choose the least dire races to focus on. Our very own Darcy Burner, running against Dave Reichert in Washington’s 8th district, is mentioned in the article as someone who will likely find herself on the receiving end of attack ads funded by the National Republican Party. I have all the faith in the world that she will be able to counter the coming barrage with her continuing frankness, honesty and seeming fearlessness to address the issues and directly challenge her opponent. This is a seat never held by a Democrat since it’s creation, Darcy Burner should be proud that she has drawn the attention of the GOP, it means she’s on track and she’s scaring the hell out of Riechert, his supporters and the Republican leadership in DC. Give ‘em hell Darcy! You’re within striking distance, do us all a favor and take him down once and for all.

You can help her do it by contributing some money to her campaign. The Democrats will take over Congress and return some accountability to government in November, but that can only happen if we keep the pressure on, and in this political system, that means money!

A candidate not mentioned in the article is Peter Goldmark (you can read my previous posts on Goldmark here and here) who is running against first term Republican incumbent Cathy McMorris. Peter was considered a long shot candidate only a few months ago, but he has seen a steady rise in name recognition, support and money coming in. Even before the Republican Party started to implode, Goldmark was making this a competitive race, polling almost dead even with McMorris. Now that the Party is in trouble and anti-Republican sentiment is spreading, this is a race the Democrats can win, even if the Republican leadership hasn’t figured that out yet. Contribute to the Goldmark campaign and help drain the GOP coffers as they spend money on races they thought were safe!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must strenuously disagree. Enough money CAN save the GOP; they are holding a $50 MILLION slush fund for last-minute attack ads. They likely would've started running before now but for the sudden eruption of scandals. And attack ads work, at least in the sense of depressing Democratic turnout and getting the Red Meat Republican base all wired up and ready to storm the polls. Democrats should brace themselves for a tsunami of mud between now and November 7, not all of which will be visible on the surface (direct mail pieces, ads on Christian radio, etc.). It's coming and we'd better be ready for it.

3:11 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

"There’s Not Enough Money In The World To Save The GOP Now"

Shhh... Don't tell them that. The right is imploding. If the Dems don't take the house and senate this year we'll do it in '08. The more we can keep them pinned down and spending the better off we are in the long run.

7:29 PM  
Blogger Mike Barer said...

My goodness I hope your right. One party having power in every part of government is not a good thing.
The GOP having power in every part of government is a catastropic thing!

11:18 PM  
Anonymous Mike said...

This last-ditch effort to bombard us with these mudslinging ads are aimed at the sheep out there. Those that take the ads at face value, even though they haven't taken the time to research the facts.

It behooves those of us that HAVE done the reserch to convey the facts to the sheep.

The anti Darcy Burner ads have already started. None of these funded ads focus at all on Richert. Not even a mention of his name in the ads. Again, his record has to be passed onto those that have no clue.

THe same can be said for Mike McGavick's campaign now throwing a little mud of their own at Maria Cantwell. Cantwell has a 10 to 12 point lead depending on which poll you look at. That lead needs to be increased, or at the very least; maintained.

Above all, I think people with a Right lean that are at odds with the current administration in DC need to be made aware that the either McGavick or Reichert will vote PARTY in Washington. If these folks want to see real change back there, then they just can't afford to vote for the local Republicans.

I do apologize for not knowing the status of the races on the east side of the Cascades. I'll be brushing up. :)

String Cheese Theory

11:29 PM  

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