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George Bush Is A Failure Like No Other

For anyone who’s read my blog before, the title of this post is redundant, I know, but now, for the first time since Bush was selected President in 2000, the country, the press and even most of the members of his own Party agree that not only have his policies failed, but that he himself is a failure as well. All we had to do was look at his track record to see that this was surely coming. He has failed at everything he’s attempted to do in his life, why would running (ruining?) this country be any different?

I’m struck, daily, by the change in tone of the discussions about Iraq and about Bush’s job performance in general. A few short months ago, Bush had his allies, on the Hill and in the press, on television every single day talking up the war and propping up this administration. Since the midterm elections, they all seem to have gone into their holes, hiding from their own lies that they willingly showered on the public. Many of us in the blogisphere have been screaming at the top of our lungs for the past year that this war is lost, but consensus takes time and even if it did take too long in my opinion, I’m glad to see the country unified in our distrust of, and disgust with, this President.

My gut tells me that the course in Iraq is set and Bush will not change his mind. He’s an obstinate, delusional boy with a dream and this boy has no regard for the fact that his dream has unleashed a nightmare on the rest of the world. This boy lives in his own reality (remember, according to them, the Bush administration creates their own reality) and his goal is at odds with what is best for this country as well as the one he has chosen to occupy. There may be a showdown in Congress and perhaps even within the Republican Party, but unless Bush is forced to accept defeat, he will continue to plug away at his plan to bring democracy to the Middle East at the barrel of a gun (and he’s not afraid to use it) leaving blood, death, mutilated bodies and devastated families in his wake.

The Iraq Study Group has presented its findings and charted a course for the President to follow. James Baker in testimony on the Hill yesterday said, "I hope we don't treat this as a fruit salad, and say, 'I like this but I don't like that.’" But with this President’s penchant for cherry picking, I think that is exactly what he will do with this report. Bush said as much yesterday in his press conference with Tony “lap dog” Blair. He will look at the report, pick just enough recommendations to implement in order to give the appearance that he’s listening to reason, and then go on his merry way shoveling more of our treasure into the sinkhole of Iraq in a quixotic attempt to save his legacy.

I’m having a hard time watching Republican Senators and Congressmen feign angst in front of the cameras as they pretend to come to terms with the devastating reality of what they have supported over the last few years. I don’t buy it for a second. Nothing in the Baker-Hamilton Report is news to them, they have known that this war is lost for a very long time, they just didn’t know that they’d be caught with their pants down and be forced to explain why they’ve been lying to the American people. Senator Gordon Smith, Republican from Oregon, gave a speech yesterday (TPM Muckraker has the transcript) in which he laments his collision with reality. He explains his silence regarding his concerns in how the Iraq occupation has been handled by quoting (several times) a soldier he met in Iraq who apparently told him, “Senator, don't tell me you support the troops and not our mission.”

Well Senator, if that is the logic that works for you, that makes such an impression as to silence you completely and prohibit you from voicing concerns about how this war has been handled, then try this one on for size. Don’t tell me you support this President and not “staying the course”. If you are going to stand on the floor of the Senate and support withdrawing our troops from Iraq (what those of us on the left have been advocating for all along), you don’t get to defend this President at the same time. You lament our having to pull our troops out of Iraq before the job is done, well you can lay this defeat squarely at the feet of President Bush. He failed in Iraq. He lied in order to get our troops there, he has lied every single day since in order to keep them there and you’d be hard pressed to cite one thing he’s done right in the execution of this war.

However bad an idea it was to go into Iraq in the first place, there were plenty of opportunities to make it turn out all right. This president could have studied history, he could have armed himself with knowledge of the region, he could have put the Iraqi people first and put them to work rebuilding their country, but instead he opened the doors to that country, invited his friends in to steal their resources while simultaneously collecting American taxpayer dollars for jobs not done. The premise was flawed and the execution was disastrous. While George Bush is no stranger to failure, I doubt even he knew he was capable of fucking up quite this badly. Anyone willing to give him the benefit of the doubt at this point is as obstinate and delusional as he is.


Anonymous david said...

Yes, Pres. Bush is The Worst President of the USA Ever!

At least Harry Truman actually read the history of the Korean penisula when America went to war there. And he had the "guts" to fire General MacArthur for provoking Red China.

Bush has no guts and he is wilfully misinformed. He seemed completely uninterested in the Iraq Study Group. And he certainly isn't listening to Blair --as that eavesdropped conversation from Russia proved.

No, and Bush is going to become nasty and mean in the months to come. He's stuck in a job now that he hates and he can't make Congress or the Media whitewash his mistakes.

He's a cornered coyote. And if you thought a 30% approval rating was low, you ain't seen nothing yet.

3:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If only we could get him and Cheney, as in get them out of office. Not just Bush, it has to be both of them.
I am so SICK of people blabbing on and on about how we could have done anything good in Iraq. There was never that intent from whenever Cheney and Rummy and whomever decided they needed to try to get one last hard on by invading Iraq.
And Blair - that useless wad of crap. He really has no excuse, his country had some previous runs into the Middle East that they should have learned from.
Ugh. And we ALL will ultimately be harmed by this lot's stupidity and cupidity.

7:50 PM  
Anonymous rkelly said...

LGND, this is a great piece of writing. Thank you, thank you.

Your service in educating people over and over again is one of the most important works, because as you know the unfortunate dilemma is that human beings mostly learn by repetition. This is what the neocons figured out and why they (Rove, et al) were so successful in their brand of educating. Tragically their technique was, of course, brainwashing the masses into zombie states of psychic dissonance to render our power as an impotent wail.

But the law of unintended consequences was/is the internet. TV was the tool that awakened the masses in the past and there will always be the law of compensation in the universe that can never ever be stolen by any corrupted fool or ship of fools like the morons who have now all learned how to cry in public. These hypocrites know no shame.

People need to remember how many times you have reported the truth and how our system is supposed to work - and it's certainly not how this particular government has led the U.S. Your writing has exposed how this Administration has caused the entire planet and all the human beings in every race, culture, and so on, to die a certain kind of death.

You have sounded the alarm again and again and now you are one with all the great beings who defended freedom in America in the past. Furthermore, your unwavering courage to be out in the limelight during times where your writing could have, and can, get you into serious trouble - you a mother with two small children and yet you leap into the void and wave the real flag of America, the truth told in the creative avenue of great investigative writing. Thus, you have also joined with the brilliant minds of today who are all forging liberty in America for the future of our children, who it sincerely belongs to!

Go check out

It cheers me up to think about these goons being sentenced in the same court as Hitler. I just wish we could get the real puppet masters, the GlobalOneworldDictatorship’s (GOD’s Madmen)

My thought is this - why, when the ruling elites are only about 4000, and this includes all of them, the ones with all the money and their human zombie drones, do they get to dictate to the rest of the billions of humans, their "dreams" of Oneworld Government?

It’s a rhetorical question and I answer myself:

These people have invited us into their dream which is nothing more than a nightmare (debt slavery) for human beings who are "free" ~ therefore, let us all reject their nightmare and invite them into our dreams which we insist that they believe as reality because to us it is. After all, we are the majority!!

So, our dream can either become their nightmare or they can keep their own dream and we don't have to share it because it's not our dream!

The ruling elite have their dream(s) but in essence it's their nightmare stealing our dreams. No thanks.

8:39 AM  
Anonymous drm said...

On 9/12/2001 who in this country believed that the events on the previous day were just the beginning? Who thought, my god, we have been hit hard and will be hit again? I would say just about everyone.

Funny thing happened though, we have not been hit again. Dumb luck or have things been done to successfully prevent another attack? No bomb in a ryder truck blowing up in an underground parking garage. No truck bomb ramming through the gates of a military outpust and exploding. No car bombs blowing up outside of a US embasy or embasies. No small craft packed with explosives blowing holes in Navy ships. And just why have none of those things happened (again)? Because brave, courageous, valiant men and women in our armed services and intelligence agencies have taken the fight to the enemy in Afghanistan, Iraq, and countless other unnamed parts of this world. Cruise missles launched into aspirin factories or into empty buildings in Iraq in the dark of night do not stop the attacks.

And one last thing, it was not the pontificating of LGND that has taken the fight to the enemy or anyone who she supports that has taken the action resulting in NO FOLLOW-UP attack since 9/11, it was the "Failure Like No Other" who has led the effort.

Funny how not one terrorist attack on American soil (home or abroad) in over 5 years is deemed a failure by LGND. I venture to say there is not one person on 9/12/91 who did not think more attacks were coming, but in the world according to LGND, no attacks = failure

9:57 PM  
Anonymous James R. said...

So, let me guess. All you Bush hating liberals must love and worship Bill Clinton, right? I mean, he did so much for this country, right?

Look, Bush is not the greatest Prez we have ever had, I can admit that; but at a time when terrorism is threating us like never before, I would much rather have him in office instead of Gore or Kerry (AND, God forbid Clinton. He did NOTHING to curb terrorism).

The problem with you liberals is that you have no perception of reality outside your comfortable little neighborhoods in the USA. I served 11 years in the Marine Corps and have been to places like Iraq (1991), Mogadishu, Somalia (1993) and Sudan (1995)and you will NEVER understand what you have until you lose it. I remember in Somalia seeing 11 - 12 year old muslim boys walking the streets carrying (AK47s - high powered machine guns) waiting eagerly for a fire fight.

So back to your topic. WORST PRESIDENT? Hardly.

- James

12:37 AM  

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