Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Geniuses All

Well, the Iraq Study Group finally presents their findings and what do you know, it turns out that Bush’s strategy in Iraq isn’t working and the situation there is dangerous and deteriorating.   I’m so glad we put our best minds on the case.  We could have saved a lot of time and money and asked my ten year old daughter how things are going in Iraq, she would have said the same thing, and a year ago at that!  Unbelievable.

Even more unbelievable is the very real possibility that Bush still won’t listen (reason not being his strong suit and all) and this disastrous occupation will continue through the rest of his term (and if John McCain has his way, through eight years of a McCain presidency as well).  This president is stubborn, obstinate and unable to get outside his own head enough to allow for the possibility that he isn’t the legend he thinks himself to be.  This is a pivotal point, not to the extent that it matters what Bush decides to do with the information presented to him today, but insofar as his response to this report will make clear to the American people whether we as a country can survive the continuation of a Bush presidency.  If he chooses to stay the course in Iraq, I don’t see how we can choose to do the same here at home.  The cost is just too high.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi: I just found your blog and I plan on comming back again. You have alot of good comments. On this one I have a questions. You call it "bush's" strategy on the war in Iraq. I thought the commanders in the field who are trained to fight wars were the ones who come up with the strategies. Yes Bush made the CORRECT choice to try and stop these crazy people from comming over here and killing anymore of us in America, but I don't think he is making the choices on how to fight this war. You also slur the President by implying he is some kind of rouge person out to go against oneone who disagrees with him. Wrong....what you are seeing is something I'm sure you will never see out of a liberal politicion and that is GUTS to do whats correct even if some people don't like it. You've been seeing people like Clinton and Kerry to much...they wabble around depending on which way the wind blows. Bush does what needs to be done and sticks to his guns. We need more like him... anyway...I love the blog. I hope to talk to you again soon

2:08 PM  
Anonymous david said...

Good grief! drummer_boy32 just dropped in from Mars. He seems completely unaware of Rummy running roughshod over the "commanders in the field who are trained to fight wars".

Iraq was not only an unnecessary war. (Plenty of intelligence suggested Saddam was no threat to America and he definitely had nothing to do with 9/11.)But the invasion of Iraq was rushed and badly planned. The troop numbers were slashed to nearly half of what the Pentagon thought necessary and there was no occupation strategy.

"Guts"??? This president hasn't got guts, he has gall. And a lot of gall, at that. He lied about Rummy's future just to get the press off his back. He must have learned about disclosure and oversight from his good buddy Kenny boy Lay.

And did you notice that Fox TV journalist Chris Wallace refused Clinton's request to ask Condi Rice why she did nothing about al Qaeda after they were identified as the attackers of the USS Cole?

I'm sorry. The crazy people are in the White House and posting silly pro-Bush comments in LGND's blog. Everyone advising Bush has told him Iraq is a disaster and he still doesn't get it.

Just as misguided British policy in World War I lost Britain its Empire, Bush's policy in Iraq will destroy America's future. The dollar is sinking, the deficit is growing, soldiers are dying, and America has lost the respect of the civilized World. I suggest drummer_boy32 has to learn to be a citizen of a 2nd rate country.

3:47 PM  
Anonymous Betty Cracker said...

Yep, my 8-year-old could've saved them a load of money and time with the same diagnosis a year ago too. What a gigantic cluster.

Bush is deluded (as are a dwindling number of his supporters, judging by your responses) and thinks himself a Churchill or Truman. He's not. He's an incompetent jackass who has strengthened our enemies and weakened our friends. All that's left to do is contain the damage. Hope we have the stomach for it.

5:45 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

We keep the evening news and anything political away from my 6 yo niece, but she doesn't like Bush. We're not sure how she even knows who is!

9:41 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Messenger said...

Hi LGND ...

I sensed in your previous post you were dismayed about your blogging efforts and frustrated by the lack of financial reward.

As a fellow writer, journalist and Blogger I sometimes have become dismayed myself during my 26 year career for the same reasons.

Although I don't have the family responsibilities you do, there were many times when I felt I was treading water financially particularly during the Presidencies of Carter and Reagan.

This President easily exceeds them in his arrogance and obstinance but it's his choice of advisors which makes him so incompetent.

Although I don't get to post at your Blog as much as I'd prefer, the principle reason I return to read it is your daily writing which offers food for thought about a dsyfunctional comic posing as our Commander-In-Chief.

One of the first lessons I learned as a journalist was to describe things as I saw them and inject myself into the story as an advocate. It was called the "new journalism" and a departure from the mainstream which laughably was trying to persuade Americans they were objective in their reporting. I see this pleading for sanity style in much of what you write and encourage you to continue.

The second thing I learned is not everyone will agree with my views which can be discouraging particularly if their contrariness is a type of illogical abrasiveness. However, your reward comes in knowing you stimulated them to show their ignorance and provided a public forum for them to display it.

Please don't abandon your writing skills, for I see in you a talented individual who cares enough to share her perspective whether we all agree or not. What a sad world it would be if your thoughts were suppressed.

Finally, I would like to wish everyone good will and request they stop by my Blog during the holidays to post their views for achieving peace throughout the world in the coming year in my comment section.

The Cosmic Message

HAppy Holidays,

11:07 PM  
Blogger The (liberal)Girl Next Door said...

Cosmic Messenger--My, you are perceptive. I have been having conversations with other bloggers lately about just that. I AM having a hard time right now and I AM fighting the urge to just stop blogging and focus on the other things in my life. It sure would be a hell of a lot easier, but I know myself well enough to know that it would only be a temporary fix and I would miss it terribly.

So, I'm going to push through and try and find my voice again. I think I allowed myself to get too distracted by the details of the election and now that it's over, I'm kind of at a loss. I'm not ready to move on to the '08 election just yet so I'm not sure where that leaves me. I found it interesting that once I wrote a more personal post, I felt more connected and wanted to write about other things. Perhaps that is the answer for me, getting more connected to what I write about again and not focusing on politics as a spectator sport.

I won't stop blogging because there is still so much to do. I just need to find a new direction and I'm sure I will find my way eventually.

Thanks for the encouragement, I needed it.

9:19 AM  
Anonymous david said...

Utterly bewildered. Is John McCain the best the Republicans can put forth for 2008?

At the risk of being age-ist, he is 70 and will be 72 in 2008. That'll make him older than Ronnie Reagan was when he became president. And Reagan's age was an issue back then and, as we learned later, should have been more of an issue.

Who else? Rudy Giuliani? He's eight years younger, but he's only got 9/11 going for him and that's getting to be a bit stale. He was actually deeply disliked by New Yorkers before he redeemed himself after the attacks on the WTC.

Personally, I don't see that the Republicans have anyone to put forward. Newt? He's being investigated for tax fraud.

LGND, keep on posting. And be as personal and witty as you can. Look to HL Mencken for inspiration. Or Ambrose Bierce. Or Thorstein Veblen. Just keep on comforting the afflicted and afflicted the comfortable. That's what makes bloggers so enjoyable: they do what newspapers used to do but don't anymore.

12:26 PM  

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