Thursday, January 25, 2007

Any Day Is A Good Day To Help A Friend

Trying to make it as a blogger is tough business, let me tell you. Some of us sacrifice writing time at the alter of commerce and attempt to make money however we can, but some of us refuse to sacrifice that critical writing time and instead make the real commitment to the liberal cause and blog incessantly, leaving little time for anything else. While I fall in the former category, my fellow blogger, and in many ways my mentor, David Goldstein of the infamous Horse’s Ass, is of the latter.

David spends his days (and nights I think) ferreting out the dirt, distilling the news and generally wrecking havoc on the local (and sometimes national) political landscape by bringing the truth to the people of this great city, a job our local papers have apparently lost interest in. This week, David is having his first annual pledge drive at Horse’s Ass. Being a lowly blogger myself, I don’t have much to contribute to the cause, but because I enjoy his biting analysis and I find his blog indispensable when boning up on local issues, I can’t help but toss a few bucks his way. If you’ve ever read Horse’s Ass, I suggest you do the same. If you haven’t, WHY THE HELL NOT? It’s to all of our benefit to have a muckraker like David on the job 24/7!


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