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There Are No Accidental Winners

When it comes to geo-politics and war, there are no accidental winners, but rather those who profit by design.  The best history teachers teach their students to “follow the money” when looking for the “why” of historical events.  Our invasion of Iraq is no different, although we didn’t have to wait decades for the “why” to become clear.

Amidst the media attention surrounding the bungled execution of Saddam Hussein and the anticipation of the details (rhetoric) of Bush’s “new way forward” in Iraq, the real story is the new law coming before the Iraqi Parliament this week that will open the oil spigots, allowing foreign oil companies (from the US and Britain of course) to seize control of Iraqi oil despite Bush’s repeated assurances that, “that oil belongs to the Iraqi people.”  But what our president says and what he does are often at odds.

Are we really to believe that the American oil companies that have been drooling for decades over the prospect of getting their greedy little hands on Iraqi oil fields are getting their chance purely by accident?  That with oil(y) men like Dick Cheney and the Bush boys at the helm, this war that made no sense to anyone outside their inner circle was not executed for this very purpose?  Sorry, but I’ve had several great history teachers in my life and I’m not buying that load of bull.

Now, what the rest of us have to come to terms with is that there are direct benefits to us once American interests take over the flow of Iraqi oil.  Yes it’s ugly, but it’s also true.  Even though this administration lied to Congress and to the American people about their reasons for invading Iraq, all of us, even the supporters of this war, had to know the truth, that this is a resource war.  We are rabid consumers of oil and we need more to sustain the lifestyle that we’ve become accustomed to.  We may not want to admit it, but it was either this (invading a sovereign nation and stealing their resources) or making adjustments to our lavish American lifestyle and, god forbid, practicing conservation and embracing sacrifice for the greater good.

Bush and Cheney made the choice for us, but like every other choice they’ve made, it wasn’t made with our best interests in mind.  They are steeped in the crude world, it is what they know and it is where their wealth comes from (well, that and greedily feasting at the public trough).  They can’t see a future without oil, but increasingly, the rest of us can’t see a future with it.

During the funeral services for Gerald Ford, there was a lot of talk about America getting “the right leader at the right time”, like Washington refusing the title of King, Lincoln fighting to preserve the Union, FDR inspiring the country out of a depression, Ford healing the partisan wounds after Nixon, but what we have now is the worst possible leadership for our times.  It’s almost as if we’re living through history’s little practical joke.  What we need more than anything is a radical realignment of how we produce and consume energy.  What we need is leadership that isn’t afraid to look forward.  We need a president that is able to absorb information, that has respect for science and that believes in the possibility of a better future on this planet.  

What we don’t need is Bush, a man of questionable intellect, that lacks curiosity and that believes in fairy tale endings where the magic man in the sky will return to Earth and hoover up the true believers and install them in heaven.  What the fuck were we thinking?  


Anonymous rkelly said...

Bravo. Great read. Thank you.

I just this morning finished reading, again, the hideous story of the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi.

These two may very well have been the greatest world leaders this planet has experienced. At the very least their union would have stopped all this mess because it was the communion of Christian and Muslim and it was a marriage "made in heaven," as Dodi's father believes and now this is tragically true.

But, the White Supremacists can't have healing on the planet with sanity and beauty for ALL, no, not those who consider themselves the "ruling elites."

Hopefully, with Dodi's father determined to get to the bottom of the "assassination," the UK/US involvement will be exposed. Thus far even the nasty Queen herself didn't get away with trying the stack the jury, again. So, a fair investigation could be a very interesting turn for the neo-cons.

According to Dodi's father, he states unequivocally that he intends to "get the truth." He's also clear about the fact that the Royal Family didn't want a Muslim and Christian to prove to the world that there is love and peace between them.

There is an incredible video of the ongoing investigation into this and the evidence of the US being involved is literally on tape.

When the PNAC plan is examined, the Middle East has to go and this includes Egypt. Now, doesn't this make us all wonder how insane the UK/US must have gone when this LOVE union between the White Queen and the Dark King (UK/ME) blossomed, most certainly disrailing the New World Order. How could they have sold their War On Terror and the "Islamofacists," with a union between two great people and a child (Diana was pregnant), of "mixed blood." Also, the Royal Family would have never tolerated this because it would have brought down the last monarchy of the UK - and how truly not ok - for them.

1:07 PM  
Blogger Man of American Dissent said...

Well said. Could we have expected anything less from these people? I'm sure they believe they're just carrying on in Columbus' tradition of discovery.

2:46 PM  
Anonymous kindlingman said...

"hoover up the true believers"?

Absolutely hilarious visualization... thanks

7:48 PM  
Anonymous david said...

First, let me say I have absolutely no idea what rkelly is talking about; unless this is some kind of satire. I've never quite understood the American obsession with Britain's Royalty. I suppose it's envy.

And to call the Queen nasty is rather insulting and reveals ignorance of what actually goes on in Britain. The Queen wasn't trying to stack the jury; indeed, she surrendered the right to have a jury of peers. (Since Congress recently tore up Magna Carta, I don't expect any Yank to understand.)

To return to LGND, I agree that certain greedy white men helped put Bush Jr into the White House. He didn't win in 2000 and I suspect he didn't win in 2004. But the sad truth is that there was no rioting in the streets or civil disobedience demanding the government resign. Why?

The truth is that America has become a nation of greedy white men. It's an open conspiracy. Princeton professors can demonstrate how electronic voting machines can easily be rigged and the public yawns. They know democracy isn't about getting rich quick and that's all they care about. If the professor had demonstrated how to escape taxes through an e-filing loophole, Neo-con bloggers would have been burning up bandwidth.

The Neo-Con Fundamentalists have no spiritual faith in humanity; they are strictly money-grubbing materialists who wouldn't go to Church except for the promise from the Pulpit that they can take it with them. They are the Bizarro version of the Gospels who cheered when the moneychangers kicked the Messiah from the Temple.

Thank Allah that Congress has someone with genuine faith there. I'm speaking of Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN). His online essay Choose Generosity, Not Exclusion is a beautiful sermon on love & compassion and the responsibility of citizenship. Alas, sometimes it takes a stranger to show us The Way.

8:08 PM  
Anonymous kindlingman said...

Bashing America? (I'm shocked, I tell you, shocked.)

Seriously though, you are spot on about Ellison.

Thanks for reminding us all about inclusion.

5:12 AM  
Anonymous rkelly said...

David ~ First, Americans don't have any deeper envy for the "Royals" than you do, but then you championed the Queen, didn't you: "And to call the Queen nasty is rather insulting and reveals ignorance of what actually goes on in Britain. The Queen wasn't trying to stack the jury; indeed, she surrendered the right to have a jury of peers. (Since Congress recently tore up Magna Carta, I don't expect any Yank to understand.)"

Thus, I guess I could honestly say from directly quoting you that you support Monarcy - or were you just trying to be "cheeky"?

I suggest you do signifcant homework other than demonstrating, clearly, how smart you are and quite the seasoned writer, too. Although as Kurt Vonegut would say - "get rid of that damn semicolon because it doesn't belong there." He believes as do I, the semicolon is not used properly because those who use it do not understand the use of it.

However, I don't want to serve you the "cold dish" of rude and therefore I honor your creative genius, but I think you should wonder why the Queen wanted only the "Royal Family" ("peers") on the new investigation and it goes on and on. Show us how open your mind is and go study all the work Dodi's father has done over this past decade to expose this most heinous crime which murdered his eldest son and friend, the Princess of Wales. He created a website for Dodi so it's easy to find.

Diana is one you could champion, without a shadow of a doubt.

But, you don't 'ave a clue' as the Brits do say.

6:18 AM  
Anonymous david said...

Dear rkelly:
Why shouldn't I be supportive of the Queen? She is my monarch. There are all kinds of nasty things I could say about the Royal Family, but plotting the death of Diana isn't one of them.

As for employing members of the Royal Family on a coroner's jury investigating the death of one of its own, well, that's been the law for almost 150 years. The Queen did not try to do something underhanded. Instead, she did something noble.

Dodi was an idiot playboy. And his distraught father is trying to turn his son's wasted life into an important death. There was no threat to anyone if Dodi & Di married.

My theory has always been that Dodi planned to propose that night and Di turned him down. Dodi told the press to hang around for a big announcement. He dismissed his driver. He gave Di a big ring which she didn't put on, but stuffed in her handbag. Dodi then recalled his driver and tried to avoid the press. There was that video of a rather glum Di leaving the building. Then the race through the night. (I'm sorry. Assassination by car accident seems highly improbable to me. If she'd had a seatbelt on, she'd have survived.)

BTW, I used three semicolons in my last post. Only the first might be considered incorrect. A dash might have been better or perhaps a bracketed aside. The other two semicolons are perfectly correct. But thank you for pointing out my error. I had no idea the literary standards of blogs were becoming so high.

Of course, I still don't see what Dodi & Di have to do with Bush, Big Oil, and the Iraq war. (Well, actually, I do, but you wouldn't like it.) The fact that Dodi's mother was Samira Kashoggi, sister of the notorious weapons dealer shouldn't taint his playboy reputation. Nor should the fact that his father likes to call himself al-Fayed, though it is unlikely he's entitled to that "al".

I think you'll find more cloaks & daggers on the Fayed side of this equation. And the Bush Family and the House of Saud are always up for a little larceny. George Bush and the Saudi Royal Family have something in common: they're both frauds.

1:49 PM  
Anonymous rkelly said...


". . more cloaks & daggers . . . . And the Bush Family and the House of Saud are always up for a little larceny. George Bush and the Saudi Royal Family have something in common: they're both frauds."

This blankets all so-called "leaders" in control on the planet in this time and also covers every single predator since the beginning of humans walking upright.

And, it includes your monarchy which you seem to be ok in serving. You don't need to champion the Queen, she bears a crown with impunity. Diana on the otherhand wore a "title" but with the crown of humility.

I am 100% of the iron clad opinion that we don’t need any such thing as monarchs in the 21st Century, not on any dirt on planet Earth ~ what-ever-for! Are these absent of all pigment human skinned Homo-sapiens really any better, richer (measured in varying forms) or what - their blood is blue and so is the blood of yours' and mine, before it hits the oxygen. All human beings' blood runs red once exposed to O2.

It is perfectly clear that you have not been investigating the whole story about Dodi and Diana. You have, therefore, drank the kool-aid. Your brain is washed with the propaganda that has been fed to all of us. Don't be a "trout" - taking the bait hook, line and sinker. I hope you know about the guy in America named James Jones.

No, literary standards are not a razor's edge, else you would have cut me for misspelling Vonnegut.

Send me an email so I can send you a video to review. It may or may not enlighten you as to what the whole composition looks like, in regards to how the UK/US are the ugly twins now in charge of mass genocide on this planet and you and I are only two on their list of "too many people on the Earth." Why? Because you and I don't have a net minimum 10 million in one of the new fads of "collective" off-shore hedge funds.

This is an iron-clad fact: George W. Bush is related to the Royal Family of Britain. Now, isn’t this an ugly - W’s familial lineage is directly linked to the “Royals.”

Are you beginning to connect the dots why the Bush Crime Family have such an amazing dog and pony show with Mr. Blair, et al.

Just wait till you see how deeply involved the US CIA was in the Dodi and Diana cover-up.

Yes, Dodi was indeed involved with knowing who the weapons dealers were in the ME. He was no dummy, obviously. Calling him an "oily bedhopper" was what Prince Phillip did - you can't beat that insult.

2:54 PM  
Anonymous david said...

I'm sorry, rkelly, but these conspiracy theories don't lead anywhere. Indeed, they usually just serve to cover up the more obvious crimes.

As LGND's post asked us, we should follow the money. Although the Queen is rich, she doesn't have the power you think she does. It's nice to imagine some Skull & Bones cabal, but the real 'secret' society is Stocks & Bonds and can be easily followed by reading the Wall Street Journal and Forbes.

And Americans do have an obsession with Royalty. I mean, only Americans would think that George Bush was related to royalty any closer than a cousin umpteen times removed. That is so nouveau riche. I always smile when I read of those matronly Bostonians tracing their ancestors back to those clueless chumps on the Mayflower.

As for George Bush and the Queen, I don't think she likes him at all. Consider the story Ground Farce One. Bush is the kind of house guest one only invites once.

The truth is out there, Scully. Er, rkelly. And it's not in Roswell or Hanger 18 or the Protocols of Zion. And I prefer single malt whisky to Jonestown kool-aid. That grand conspiracy stuff is 90% nonsense and only 10% truth. As I said, most of the conspiracy is done out in the open; just follow the money.

5:35 PM  
Anonymous rkelly said...

Ok, David, now you are on.

Let us play the money game.

You be first and should you not be able to answer my questions, then you get to pay the winner (me) by saying you are are sorry for behaving like an adolescent rude little twit.

Question #1: Please explain in detail "fractional reserve banking"; Question #2: Please explain the "monetization of signatures"; Question #3: Please explain GAAP

Because the UK brought to the US its banking, this should be as easy as ABC for you.

And should you be able to accomplish this task off the top of your head, without putting the information into a search engine, then I shall believe you actually have a brain cell working.

Perhaps we can indeed discuss "money."


9:10 PM  
Anonymous david said...

You remind me, rkelly, of shoplifters I've caught who gave as their chief defence that it was I who was the thief because I used a 100% markup in my business. (Shoplifters have no concept of 'expenses'; Go figure!)

I am sure you learned in elementary school the mystery of compound interest. My accountant is a perfectly decent fellow, thank you very much, so I'm not sure what you're trying to imply. And it seems every available blank space is to let on this planet.

If you are only now waking up to the fact the world has gone off the Gold Standard, you have my pity. Indeed, the reason why government regulations are so very important, and why neo-liberal economics are such a fraud, is that it is government regulations that replace the Gold Standard and provide stability.

I really don't see that your quiz offers any insight into world affairs. Interest rates, markups, options, and such are fairly straightforward. It's the kickback, the bribe, the no-bid contract, the auction shill, or the Ponzi scheme that are the frauds that infect American business.

BTW, the British didn't bring to the US its banking; the US was British. It was the American tendency toward fraud that corrupted banking. Americans, in the words of Dr Samuel Johnson, were "Rascals, robbers, pirates!"

9:06 AM  
Anonymous rkelly said...

David ~

It's clear, you're clueless.

Fractional Reserve Banking came from the UK to the US. Period.

This is the first part of the nefarious scheme of the Central Banking Sytstem which was set up in London, by the House of Rothschild.

Read William Greider's book, "Secrets of the Temple."

But first, stop making a fool of yourself.

Stop barking like a dog. Dogs bark at anything that they don't really understand, it's a protective measure.

Begin with practicing honesty because it is the only way you are going to grow into the intellectual you think you already are.

6:33 PM  

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