Friday, February 23, 2007

I Want To See Some Teeth And I Want To See Them Bared!

I haven’t given Joe Biden much thought as a real potential Democratic Presidential candidate, but if he can successfully lead the way in ending the war in Iraq, he may just emerge as the real winner. Biden has been pushing a re-authorization of the war, in effect repealing the President’s current war authority and replacing it much more narrow objectives. Getting this through the Senate won’t be easy, especially when they can’t even pass a non-binding resolution to declare an escalation of the war “a bad idea”, but Biden can be a pretty smooth talker when his foot isn’t lodged firmly in his mouth.

I really thought that the Democrats were onto something with the idea of putting restrictions on the money being spent on the war, but it appears that “fear” has yet again deterred the Democrats from doing anything substantive to rein in this administration. The last election was a big winner for the Dems, but if they fail to act and continue to react to what they fear the Republicans will throw at them, it may prove to be the last election they ever win. We need some strong leaders willing to act. I hope the Democrats don’t leave that to the Republicans yet again, that’s how we got here in the first place.

Tying the money to troop readiness is a great idea and leaves the Republicans who vote against “funding with accountability” open to the charge of not really supporting the men and women who fight. The Democrats have got to learn to play the political game to win because even in the majority, they’re getting beat!

Stop sniping at each other and start aiming at the opposition for God's sake. If the Democrats can become as deft at throwing political hardballs at the Republicans as they are at out pandering each other, they could just make some serious progress toward bringing our troops home. Hope springs eternal, right?


Anonymous drm said...


what you are detailing is how Dems to score political points rather than doing anything constructive. So I guess this entire debate on Iraq is nothing more then how to make us look politically good. How pathetic.

The Dems won in November, they have the power of the purse, they do not have to power of Commander and Chief. They have the power to end the Iraq war but they are too spineless to do so because they are afraid about how the Republicans may make them look. What a bunch of sissies.

All talk and no action, that is the Democrat party. Oops, I forgot about the bold action took by Nancy, calling the President to whine about comments made by Dick Chenney.

I have an idea, why don't we have Nancy call all our enemies and complain that they are not being nice. That should solve all our issues.

9:52 AM  
Anonymous david said...

Well, politics is about he Art of the Possible. We've just witnessed six years of the Art of the Impractically Improbable, so we don't want more failed posturing.

There is a very strong case for impeaching Bush & Cheney. They ought to be. But "ought" is a long way from "can". The Constitution just makes it a highly improbably action.

I am completely unsympathetic with Hillary Clinton's refusal to admit her authorization of the War on Iraq was a mistake. It was. And many people knew then what Hillary knows now --all that was needed was an internet connection.

What Liberal Democrats have to realize is that politics is very like a war. It requires patience and strategy and tactics. And to realize that the troops won't be home by Christmas and that every inch we move forward helps us to victory.

The British will be retreating much faster than this week's announcement. Prepare to see them all out by the end of March if Bush has told Blair he intends to attack Iran. Certainly they all be out by the time Blair steps down.

The funding for the Iraq War should be tied to a timetable of troop withdrawal. LGND is correct. That is how to defeat the Republicans. They must be put on the defensive. If Bush wants the money, he must change course. Or he will have to declare himself Dictator.

I should point out that Bush's signing statements already places him in contempt of The People. But he could go further and render Congress as impotent as Yeltsin & Putin made the Russian parliament. Only then do I think enough Republican Senators would vote to impeach.

10:21 AM  
Anonymous david said...

And so it seems Bush has secretly been funding the Sunni terrorist groups with links to alQaeda.

Dear me! Mr Bush is such a corporate incompetent. He's so frightened of the Shi'ites that he's been financing America's principle enemy in Iraq.

Which leads to the question "What was the overthrow of Saddam all about anyway?" He now seems missed by the Pentagon.

The London Times reports about 5 or 6 generals and admirals have threatened to resign if ordered to attack Iran. An unprecedented rejection of the Commander-in-chief.

If Congress can prove any of this to be true, perhaps enough Republican senators would be so revolted that impeachment would be possible.

1:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I personally think Biden is full of hot air on this one. He could have started this talk before the Democrats even took office, but no...only after he announces his candidacy does he decide to get tough.

5:21 PM  
Anonymous drm said...

Once again, just pathetic. So much for the mandate from the people you thought you had from the November elections.

When are you going to realize you have all been played as fools. You actually thought the November elections was a vote against the war, when you were played so a bunch of spineless egomaniacs can get back in power.

9:44 PM  
Anonymous david said...

Where do you get this idea, drm? The so-called surge is already floundering. Even the brass say if it hasn't worked in 6 months the whole of Iraq has been lost.

Britain is baling out. So have most of the Coalition of the Williing. And the questions being asked by Congress are getting more and more embarrassing for this White House.

The Walter Reed scandal proves this White House does NOT support the troops. And recent developments in Afghanistan show the war there is being lost as well.

The budgetary bills for the war slowly making their way through Congress will force a phased withdrawal on the President. The Republicans will blame the Democrats, but Bush will reveal he can't even retreat in an orderly fashion.

Cheney still wants war with Iran, but that would be madness. Such a war would send the world into a great depression. I'm afraid the world is already heading for a recession, but there no Bush policy that can't be made worse with a little effort.

7:43 AM  

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