Thursday, December 15, 2005

Blowout Sale!

The sale has begun on the landslide victory the Republicans are going to miraculously pull off next November. For all the talk of Bush living inside his bubble of one, he sure seems to be acutely aware of what his Republican friends in the Congress need in order to maintain control of the House and Senate. Or maybe he’s just been doped up on his happy juice again and is being led around like a monkey on a leash regurgitating his memorized lines. His handlers know what is at stake in the coming mid-term elections, they’ve seen the polls on impeachment and they are aware of the mountains of evidence their Republican cohorts are sitting on in just about every Committee on The Hill.

Bush is out there selling his war and even admitting that the intelligence that lead us to war was flawed. Although he continues to say that, knowing what he knows now he would have made the same decision. That should surprise no one and it is exactly the point the Democrats should be making. He did rely on flawed intelligence and he will rely on flawed intelligence in the future if it supports his position. Facts aren’t necessary when you have God on your side. If we weren’t so used to this type of idiotic thinking from our Chimp in Chief, we would be frightened by it. But it’s just another day in Bush’s America.

Republicans also needed Bush to end his campaign in support of torture, and today he gave them that too. In a press conference with Senator McCain, he claimed victory in the fight against torture. No matter that he threatened to veto the bill in October, he’s banking on the fact that no one will remember that part. The sad thing is, he’s probably right.

The MSM is also getting in on the action. I can’t count how many times I have heard or read this week that the President’s poll numbers are on the rise. Really? That’s not what Zogby says. His most recent poll numbers released on Tuesday (Dec. 13th) have Bush’s overall approval rating at 38%, down from 40% last month. Interesting how Zogby has all of a sudden become not such a reliable source.

The sale is on and the tactics will only get more high-pressured the closer we get to Election Day. Our voting system is broken and the majority of Americans have no idea, the Republicans want it that way and the MSM is going to continue to ignore it because it serves them well to do so. Corporate corruption used to make it onto the evening news, and you would think that corruption within a company that is responsible for counting our votes would be worthy of mention. The CEO of Diebold resigns and a class action suit is filed against the company alleging securities fraud and not a word uttered on our television news or printed in the pages of our papers. Keith Olbermann did bestow the title of “Worst Person In The World” on O’Dell on Tuesday’s edition of Countdown, but he did so without telling his viewers about the lawsuit. Kind of an important part of the story, but half assed reporting is par for the coarse on cable news. Thank goodness for the lefty blogisphere! It may not be an estate yet, but it’s bungalow on the hill with plenty of room for expansion.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow 38% approval! Thats probably the lowest its been since the day we "elected" the guy!

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