Friday, December 02, 2005

Out With The Old

When is John Kerry going to shut up, focus on doing his job for the people of Massachusetts and stop acting like the leader of the Democratic Party? Every time he opens his mouth he confuses what should be clear, whines about losing the election without ever mentioning the fraud involved, and digs the party deeper into the hole. He was a loser in 2004 and he will be a loser in 2008, so let’s drop him like a hot potato and move on. If only the MSM would let it be so.

The other side of any discussion in the mainstream media about Bush’s non-approval by the American people, is the lack of a cohesive message from the Democrats, and John Kerry is the poster boy of indecision, minced words and failed leadership. As long as the MSM have Kerry to point to as an example of the floundering democrats, it won’t matter how weak the support for Republicans, Democrats will never be able to take up the slack.

Most Democratic voters were not thrilled with Kerry in the first place and only voted for him out of fear. As much as he complains that he lost the election because of the fear mongering of the Bush camp, he only got the nomination of his party for the same reason. Any real alternative to Bush was wiped out early in our primary process and liberal voters in the end caved out of fear of another four more years of Bush, and took the “safe” alternative of Kerry. That didn’t turn out so well now did it? Let’s hope we’ve learned our lesson.

It may be early for us to go searching for our next candidate, but there may be some huge benefits in doing so. First on the docket should be torpedoing Kerry, Clinton and Biden before they sink the party. All three are following the lead of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) and staking out the middle ground with a vengeance. This strategy may have worked for Bill Clinton but not every John, Joe and Hillary has the kind of charisma necessary to draw in voters on the strength of personality alone.

The Republicans are most likely going to put up a moderate next time around, their strongest candidates being John McCain, Chuck Hagel and Rudy Guiliani. If the Democrats put up John Kerry, Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden, it turns into a “who cares” race and the Democrats prove again that all they have to offer is Republican lite, and with no clear distinction, voters will most likely go with the real thing. Do we really want to continue almost winning elections?

The country is divided, but we have swung as far to the right as we can stand to go, and the American people are ready to start heading the other way. With momentum on our side, why would we set the goal halfway to where we want to be? Like my grandfather always said, “The most you will get is what you ask for, so why not aim high?” There are plenty of great candidates out there and as soon as we take our eyes off of the shinny objects being dangled in front of us by the MSM (Kerry, Clinton, Biden), we will be able to regain our sight and find them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with you on Kerry. When will I stop getting e-mails, etc., from the guy? I live in Pittsburgh. Met Chris Heinz. Worked for the Kerry Campaign. But, he lost.


3:05 PM  
Anonymous Biloxi said...

I'm still sad about Kerry. I genuinely believed in his ability to lead because I loved the fire of Teresa Heinz (I read recently where she dropped the Kerry).

It still bothers me that he didn't stand up and fight against the swift boat attacks.

These people who could do such much by being a strong leader(s) and yet they act like its rude to have the passion and drive it takes to be great.

The Gandhis did amazing work simply by being sincere human beings. It was that easy for them.

I feel embarrassed for Kerry. Doesn't he realize he betrayed all of us who voted for him and we really needed him to fight against the voting BS.

Although, I did hear that a threat had been made against his daughters and that is why he took a low bow and left the stage.

Who knows, only the shadow, I guess.

5:00 PM  
Anonymous larryo said...

I could not agree more about Kerry. His defining moment for me was when he said, in the middle of the campaign - after at least some cooked intelligence estimates had been outed and after the yellowcake scam had been exposed - that he would not do anything different than he had even knowing what he knew "now." That's nowhere near the middle; that's left out.

The lack of a cohesive Democratic message is directly attributable to the DLC types - losses at the polls, even severe repeated losses, seem not to have dissuaded them from the certainty that the most cautious, equivocal public statements are best. They not just incohesive; they are incoherent.

I sincerely hope your advice is heeded. I would hate to see "Condi" take over the executive branch.

10:48 PM  
Anonymous rkelly said...

I really like the "shiny objects" metaphor.

The thought of raising turkeys comes to mind.

One year a farmer friend of mine who lived at the beach on the Oregon Coast, during the 1970s and early 1980s, when we lived there too, decided to raise turkeys for us to have at Thanksgiving and Christmas. We wanted organic, home grown turkeys. More of our pioneer style days and so I bought the turkeys and he raised them. I got two turkeys out of the deal and he kept the rest for his family and him and the others he sold.

At one point he told me he was never going to raise turkeys again and it was not too long into the time of having the critters.

His reason was, because they really are as dumb as a box of rocks. In order to get them to eat there has to be shiny marbles thrown into the food so the turkeys will peck at the “shiny objects” and their beaks slip off and bingo, they eventually peck and eat their food.

Also, you must herd them in out of the rain otherwise they feel the drops of rain and look up. Unfortunately, water gets into their nostrils and they drown.

My farmer friend lost a few birds in their drowning and starvation. Some were just too stupid to get it even with all the help of my farmer friend and his children.

This is a true story.

5:16 AM  

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