Saturday, December 10, 2005

Oops They Did It Again

How the Democrats can be on the right side of an issue and still lose the debate is a mystery. They certainly seem to have a knack for squandering opportunities even when spoon-fed to them from a silver platter. By not getting on the withdrawal of our troops from Iraq bandwagon, the only thing that Democrats are saving is Bush’s reputation. The debate over an Iraqi pullout is no longer a strategic one, but a political one, and the Democrats are losing. Whether we pull out tomorrow or in 18 months, we will be leaving behind the same god awful mess, the only thing that will be bright, shiny and new, is Bush’s poll numbers taking an upward turn.

I hear a lot of whining from Democrats about how we have broken Iraq, therefore it is ours to fix and pulling out prematurely would be the wrong thing to do. Of course it would, but does anyone really trust the Bush administration to do right by the Iraqi people? Simply proclaiming it so, won’t teach that pack of rabid dogs a new trick. Bush is an obstinate child and his only interest lies with his desire to go down in the history books as a “War President” who won the war.

Those who provided the intellectual thrust behind the neo-con agenda have all left the building. Wolfowitz is manning his dream post at the World Bank, talk about the fox guarding the hen house, Feith is already gone (no pun intended), Perle is eerily quiet and Rumsfeld is on his way out. All we have left are the political hacks, jockeying for position on a stage where the President will declare victory in Iraq yet again.

Of course we will have troops stationed in Iraq for the next twenty plus years, someone has to man all of those permanent bases. But the “conflict” in Iraq is on its way to being over and the Democrats have been had. By next Christmas, most of our troops will be home celebrating the holidays with their families, where they belong, and the likes of John Kerry, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and company will still be making public pleas to stay the course. In a word: pathetic.


Anonymous roberta kelly said...

There are people in the UK who know more about what is going on in our own 'democratic' government than we ourselves even begin to know, or understand, for that matter.

Recent emails from some of these people to me, have caused me to step back and rethink what the hell to do.

As we can see, the embryonic relationship between Blair and Bush is very real. Margaret Thatcher and Henry Kissinger were quite the team.

Its really very scary. The international banks and investment institutions are in charge folks.

No S---. This explains why the Democratic Party does nothing and will continue to do nothing. Even the Clintons are part and parcel to the whole party and this is without a shadow of a doubt, an international group of super rich investors. Their primary investments have always been, war.

This has been ongoing for as long as there have been wars, yes, even WWII was a BIG investment opportunity.

And the increased tension has been since M. King Hubbert predicted Peak Oil. As usual, the average US citizen is the last to know.

When Hussein began to take advantage of the dollar dropping (after Bush's crowning in 2000) by going with Euros instead of the American dollar, well, the rest is history now.

The majority of countries around the globe did not want the Bush Crime Family in charge. Since Preston Bush invested in the Nazis, that family has had its money invested in weaponry.

Therefore, Do NOT look to any democratic candidate to fix our broken system.

Its broke and can't be fixed. The only thing we can do is focus on ourselves, individually; and, then keep this power together as best we can, to then make certain our family and friends are also preparing for the changing times and the "times they are a changin".

I saw the film Syriana, yesterday, Saturday 12/10. Brutal visual, cosmic enema, wake-up call -- America.

I'm going to see it again, maybe a couple more times. So much subtle messaging.

The clear point is, however, the stakes of the international game are much higher than anyone can begin to fathom. That is, unless you're one of the key players.

It is a mind blowing and shocking reality, the film. People did not get up once the film ended, instead the cinema was very, very still. The saying "you could hear a pin drop" comes to mind.

Hillary may very well be the next US President because she ties right in with all the others who BillC, GHWBush, et al, are business partners with. (Does the name Rockefeller ring any bells?)

How busy they've been 'helping' all the people of the globe.

The media shall continue to distract us, as long as it can.

The date I keep being told is 2010.

I don't know how accurate that date is, but this guy seems to think we're all dragging our feet too slowly:

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Blogger JusticeE.R. said...

I agree completely. The Democrats, for the most part, are pathetic. I thought is was also interesting how the Right has reacted to Howard Dean’s recent comments about how the Iraq War (Occupation) is not winnable. How dare the leader of Democratic Party step so far to the left and talk about a policy of defeat and run! All democrats, who are true democrats, should seize this opportunity to drive this Iraq Occupation stake into the heart of this republican beast.

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