Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sundays With Dr. Killjoy: Session Two

Dr. Killjoy: Before we get started, I first want to thank you Dick for your phone call earlier in the week, you brought up some interesting issues that I would like to explore further with the two of you together, but more importantly it tells me that you are taking these sessions seriously and I want to congratulate you on that.

Blackheart: Thanks, I had Lynn read your book and she thinks you may be able to help me improve my current situation.

Junior: Hey, what about me? I don’t think you two should be talking behind my back, how does that help me?

Dr. Killjoy: Rest assured George, we were not talking behind your back, Dick just brought to my attention some areas we may want to explore, such as your sudden fear of public speaking.

Junior: Oh man, why did you have to bring that up? I don’t have a fear of public speaking, I ain’t afraid of nothing. I have just been advised to keep it to a minimum, that’s all.

Blackheart: And I’d be happy if you listened to that advise.

Junior: I have been… but why should I? The people love me, and I love dressing up for them. Those outfits that Karen got for me are great and they force the American people see me as the true hero I am. Who really cares whether I served in combat, I look good in those combat fatigues.

Blackheart: This is the level of denial that I am trying desperately to deal with here Doc, can’t you help me out a bit?

Dr. Killjoy: I hear what you’re saying Dick, just let me see what I can do. George, don’t you think it’s time to go to the ranch in Crawford again? Dry out, I mean chill out, as much at you can and try to regain your strength?

Junior: I’m strong, I’m a leader and nowhere in the history books has there ever been a leader such as me. I am the king of the world, no matter what anyone says. The people love me and I will continue to lead them in the right direction. Mommy tells me that I am the best leader the world has ever seen and she’s married to my dad, so she would know.

Dr. Killjoy: I would like very much to explore your feelings about leadership next week, George, but until then, maybe you should listen to Dick and take that trip to Crawford.

Blackheart: Oh, he will Doc, we’ve got all the medicine he needs there.

Junior: What, there’s more of those happy pills there in Crawford? Why didn’t you say so, I’ll be on the next flight.

Blackheart: See what I mean Doc, I feel like we’re creating a monster here.

Junior: What, there are monsters here? I will slay every last one of them to protect America!!

Dr. Killjoy: Okay, go on your vacation and we will meet here next week.

Blackheart: I wonder each day if there will be a tomorrow, but I’m willing to play along. How about it Georgie, how does a vacation sound?

Junior: Great! Can I wear my pilot uniform?


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