Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Boy In The White House

I am beginning to think that everything I need to know about President Bush, I can learn from watching my four-year-old son. I see how this little boy of mine craves my attention, but more importantly he seeks my approval and when he gets it, he struts around like a little peacock. He also likes to pretend he’s big and important and with each new popular super-hero, he puffs out his chest and demands to be called by that name. Every time I see our President speak, these same images come to mind, for our leader is nothing more than a little boy trying desperately to be big.

In the 1950’s, mothers taught their daughters how to be good wives by deferring to their husbands wishes, but the smart ones also told their daughters the secret of how to make their husband believe he is in control while getting him to do exactly what she wants. This style of manipulation seemed to work with GWB for the first four years, with the neo-cons allowing Bush to believe he was steering the ship as they rested comfortably in the knowledge that the controls had been cut, and the chief was merely spinning the wheel to no affect. But that was before he acquired his “political capital” that immediately began burning a hole in his pocket. He had finally found the approval he had been seeking; you’d better believe he was going to strut.

What we see now, in his failure to admit mistakes and in his determination to “stay the course” in Iraq is the legend of himself he is carefully constructing for the history books. He is a simple man with simple objectives, that is how he can look at the complexities of foreign policy and the nuances of diplomacy and quickly discern his course of action. For him there are only ever two choices; black or white, right or wrong, good or evil. It is how we all teach our children when they are young and unable to grasp the finer points of decision making. We give them two options so they feel in control although we have already decided that either is fine, having eliminated the less desirable choices. At a certain point our children require more and they no longer fall for the falseness inherent in having only two choices, my four year old is already beginning the process of expanding his thinking and demanding more independence. How sad that our President has not and most likely never will.


Anonymous roberta kelly said...

Been up early again - 3o'clock and, reading, reading and more reading.

Hoping each time I read something there will be this profound revelation in the USA, that the entire “One Party ‘League of Evil Gentlemen’" must go and it is an IMMEDIATE EXIT STRATEGY.

I mean, why wait - by the time these goons, thugs and totally brain dead group of moonies, cronies and movie star wannabes get done - the ending of the story is not looking good.

Yes, GWBush is a child, but not a healthy one like your four year old. Your son has a mother who is awake, and also, you are an active participant in your own human spirit and the collective human consciousness.

Watching Barbara Stupid Bush in the New Orleans Katrina aftermath, was an embarrassment for all of US to witness. It definitely mirrored what GW has going on inside his head, her disconnect with reality, is his legacy alright.

And, there was Daddy Bush hugging small black children, trying again to rescue sonny boy, but this time GBsr doesn't have the power of the CIA or other forces of secret control, to keep GBjr, sitting up on top of his great wall of fantasy, fiction and folly. Why, even Billy Boy Clinton, charismatic sexy saxophone musician wannabe didn't get to have “. . all the kings horses . . .”, put Georgie back together again.

The tantrums GW is throwing behind closed doors must be a real treat to observe. I would love to be invisible for awhile and hang in the intimate spaces with Georgie, during some of these moments of truth, that he must now face. God Georgie, what a drag - De-nial is NOT a river in Egypt like you were told by Cheney and Rove!

M - I really enjoy your wisdom, insight and investigative dissection of lots of information, and then you compose/write in a style that is humorous and brilliant at the same time. Unique and original, thanks.

5:58 AM  
Blogger JusticeE.R. said...

Many times throughout history, the ends of empires have been preceded by the ascendancy of thieves and half-wits. Perhaps the crowning of King George Bush was the beginning of the end of the American Empire. Let’s hope it’s not also a sign of the end of the republic.

7:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you said 'invisible' instead of 'a fly on the wall'. I'd be afraid you'd get your wings pulled off...

6:26 AM  

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