Saturday, December 17, 2005

Run Russ, Run!

Two great quotes from a press release Saturday by Senator Russ Feingold that I just have to put up.

“The President believes that he has the power to override the laws that Congress has passed. This is not how our democratic system of government works. The President does not get to pick and choose which laws he wants to follow. He is a president, not a king.”

“We have had enough of an Administration that puts itself above the law and the Constitution.”

I hope you’re right Sen. Feingold.  I also hope that you’re ready to officially toss your hat into the Presidential ring.  We need a leader like you who will tell it like it is and have the courage to stand up for the American people, regardless of the political cost.

The more I hear from this man, the more I like him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is so very clear this administration see s itself above the law, the same law it applies to us it disregards in it s own actions--enough I say--enough is enough !!!

8:23 PM  
Anonymous roberta kelly said...

Yes, I concur, I like Feingold's courage, too.

I was thinking about BonZo, er, excuse me his name was AlGore . . .

Anyway, early this morning as I let my small Jack Russell Terrier, Ramona, out in the bitter cold morning weather to do her doggie business, poof, for some reason AG came into my mind.

And I thought: What the hell was wrong with him, standing up in front of the American people and asking for our votes; and, what about all those other people who didn't have the courage to stand up to these cowards when they came to town with (metaphorically speaking of course) six gun pistols blasting loud blanks and bullying their agendas into power!

Then I wondered something that has crossed my mind many times: Did Karl Rove and Dick Cheney begin their little spy plan long before this poor fool George was told he got to do whatever he wanted to, once he was King? I mean, I have struggled with why these other leaders, the ones who call themselves Democrats, were and are, so frightened, timid and just plain scared shi_less, especially when it comes to standing up against this insane, lunatic, moronic beast.

There can be only one answer: They, them, who are now the darkening of the light, knew/know too much dirt, too many dark secrets, ah, those skeletons shaking their bones in the closet of shame.

And, Karl has been up to little tiny dirty tricks so long now that it is truly his first nature.

How easy it has been for this "government" to point the finger of blame and shake it until the blubbering pile of protoplasms, oops I mean democrats, dissolve into the toxic pool of shame that they have allowed the party to be, by way of choice.

Exceptions: Boxer, Reid, Sanders, Murtha, and now, Feingold, also.

Finally, some truly courageous leaders. Maybe – but, I’m not holding my breath.

The beast is alive and well, and it still has almost all the power.

Furthermore, I don’t see the claw marks in our Constitution healed, yet, although, “hope doth spring eternal”.

I cannot help myself in this feeling of supreme joy to think about all those who supported GWB and his “League of Evil Gentlemen” and now they are wondering how many of their private lives have been violated, by the desecration of the Fourth Amendment of the United States of America’s Constitution, by none other than -- THEIR King Georgie. Haaaaa, Haaaaa, Haaaaa, welcome to the cosmic reality enema, the world of George & Co.’s, Official Empire.

8:22 AM  

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