Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Pulling Out All The Stops

And so it begins. Last night I saw the first campaign ad for the US Senate race in November and in Washington State, Mike McGavick is running as a moderate Republican who can bring decency back to the other Washington. His commercial was hilarious, he talks about breaking a neighbor’s window with his skateboard and running away until his mom made him knock on the door and take responsibility for it. Great, just what we need in DC, another Republican who will run from his mistakes until someone makes him come clean up the mess. The sad part is, there are plenty of voters who will support this idiot, what with critical thinking in such short supply these days.

So far, Republican plans to hold on to their majority in Congress are going swimmingly. Scooter Libby’s trial has been put off until next year saving the White House and the Republican Party from the spectacle of Big Dick lying on the witness stand. Karl Rove has reigned in Republican members of Congress and strong-armed support for the President’s illegal wiretapping. The MSM has effectively sold the Abramoff mess as a bi-partisan scandal and New Orleans has been swept under the rug (so forgotten is the hurricane ravaged city that the Mayor is now seeking aid from foreign countries). With this kind of great press, I expect that Republicans will not only hold on to their currently held seats, but actually make some gains as well! Remember, they don’t have to actually win they just have to make it seem plausible. Gotta love those machines!

While there have been significant achievements in exposing the hackability of electronic voting machines and vote tabulators, it still looks as if most of us will still be casting our votes on them come November. As hard as activists have been working to get the machines replaced or at least certified to meet state standards, state legislatures have been busy passing new election “reform” laws that make challenging official election results so expensive as to make a recount all but impossible. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. We must be ready to protest the election results in November because all signs point to more fraud ahead. Make your signs and t-shirts now so that you can slap them up and put them on as soon as the suspicious results come in, because they will and hoping against all hope is not an effective strategy.

Does anyone believe that this administration is going to go down without a fight? Are they likely to use all means at their disposal to keep a majority in Congress? Is there any doubt that they know there will be articles of impeachment drawn up if the Democrats take control? What about these people could possibly provide any comfort at all that they will do the right thing? They have shown us over and over again who they are and what they are capable of. Let’s believe our own eyes and use the freedom of speech we still have. The Democrats will lose in November, whether we continue down the road we’re on will be determined not by the election, but by our reaction to it.


Blogger Neil Shakespeare said...

Well, you know, if you break your neighbor's window with your skateboard, it makes it a lot easier to spy on him! (Seriously, when I read that skateboard story I laughed out loud. Jesus...did he tell the one about how he got his pecker caught in his braces?)

5:06 PM  
Blogger Rory Shock said...

I'll vote for you. The post fired me up, liberal girl.

5:53 PM  
Blogger Howard Martin said...

I am particularly impressed with your call to vigilance about the election results this fall. The opposition is doing its preparations 24/7 and we are advised to do the same.

8:34 PM  
Blogger Chad Shue said...

Hello Liberal Girl,
Thought I would drop in to introduce myself and say that I heard you on the Drinking Liberally podcast from last Tuesday. I was very impressed with your question to the assembled brain far....er, I mean brain trust and the ensuing dead air as they fumbled for a coherant answer. It was the hi-lite of the event.
As for you topic about being vigilant and prepared to monitor the November elections, I think the thing that we really need to do is to encourage more people to get involved with the various county elections departments and be prepared to step in as volunteers in the event of hand re-counts. With Snohomish County moving to all mail-in voting, this will make that job all the more important for us "not in Seattle" Democrats.

I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.


Chad (The Left) Shue

12:36 PM  
Blogger The (liberal)Girl Next Door said...

Chad--As for the DL podcast, I've described my performance as the Janey Come Lately showing up just in time to plug my blog, but thanks for the compliment. I had fun and will do it again.

You are absolutely right about getting involved in the elections at the county level! I will do more to highlight that need, as it will prove crucial to ensuring fair elections. Great call to action!

2:00 PM  

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