Friday, April 28, 2006

Podcasting Liberally With Joel Connelly

I forgot to put this up earlier in the week, probably a case of denial on my part that it actually happened (I hate it when I exceed my two drink maximum and then start talking while being recorded).

At the table this week, Seattle P-I columnist Joel Connelly, Will, Gavin, Carl, myself and moderated by Goldy. On the table for discussion were Mark Warner’s probable Presidential bid, Mike McGavick’s probable loss, global warming, the war in Iraq and rising gas prices. Also, Will uses me as the perfect example of what’s wrong with the left. I’m sure he meant it in the most loving way (and I did give him the perfect opening).

The show is 57:09, and is available here as a 35.7 MB MP3. Please visit for complete archives and RSS feeds.

Thanks again to Gavin and Richard (of Confab fame) for producing the show.


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