Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Activism Made Easy

An Inconvenient Truth, the Al Gore movie about global warming, is opening in theaters across the country this weekend and we should all go see it, and we should see it on opening weekend.  I have heard from those who have had the chance to attend pre-screenings that it is an amazing movie, both entertaining and enlightening, if a bit sobering.

The more people that see this movie on opening weekend, the more attention it will get from the press and it will start the word of mouth campaign that could prove to be even more effective.  While it is important that those of us who understand the importance of acting on the science about global warming go see this movie, it is even more important that it is seen by those who don’t know much about it or have not yet become alarmed by what is happening to our planet.

So gather up a bunch of friends this weekend and go see An Inconvenient Truth.  It’s activism made easy, complete with popcorn, candy and a comfy chair.  We’re not likely to get such easy assignments in our future struggles to preserve and defend this country and the world, of which we are but a small part.


Blogger Michael said...

You don't see snow like this in Gig Harbor any more.

Global Warming: ruining childhood winters everywhere.

7:26 PM  
Blogger Michael said...


The link above doesn't link.

7:29 PM  
Blogger The (liberal)Girl Next Door said...

Michael--One more reason to be bummed out about Global Warming! That's a great picture, sad that it's a rare occurrence these days.

8:50 PM  
Anonymous mikey said...

It's really sad, but I've told a lot of people about this movie (and the Who Killed the Electric Car? movie), and it's obvious that most of them don't really care about these things.

Well, they care, but not enough to do anything about it. Walk somewhere? Drive less? Pshaw!

10:10 AM  

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